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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 12 (April 15, 1955)

Lentz, Art
On Wisconsin in sports,   pp. 26-27

Page 26

Prospects Mixed in Spring Sports
W ISCONSIN again can be a Big
       Ten title contender during the
       forthcoming 1955 baseball cam-
paign only if Coach Art "Dynie" Mans-
field succeeds in bringing up infield and
outfield strength on par with that in the
pitching department.
   The burly mentor, now in his 16th
season as baseball bossman, is blessed
with top-notch hurling talent this year.
Not only has he available three regular
pitchers from the 1954 conference run-
nerup team but several sophomore hurlers
may outshine the veterans.
   However, "Dynie" must rebuild the
 infield and revise the outfield, to say
nothing of developing a more satisfac-
tory offensive power at the plate.
   As a result, the outlook could be
termed as only "fair" until the Badgers'
series of spring training games in Florida
and Mississippi, April 8 thru April 16.
The southern jaunt, made possible be-
cause of the earliest school recess in many
years, will give Mansfield ample oppor-
tunity to check on his candidates. Ordi-
narily, the Badgers get their first outdoor
action on the opening day of the sched-
ule, bad weather and playing conditions
in the midwest confining Wisconsin to
indoor drills.
   Captain James Temp, who starred as
a first baseman for the United States
baseball team in the recent Pan-American
games, heads up the list of eight return-
ing lettermen. Temp won his letter as a
first baseman on the 1952 team, played
center field in 1953, then returned to
the initial sack last year. He also is a
major letter winner in football and has
been drafted by the Green Bay Packers
as an end.
   Other lettermen include Carlyle Wag-
ner, fiery catcher; Dick Hrlevich, third
baseman; Ron Locklin and Jack Nowka,
outfielders; Bill Robichaud, Sheldon
Rusch, and     Norb   Schachte, pitchers.
Temp, Wagner, Locklin, Robichaud, are
seniors, the others are juniors.
   In addition, there are a number of
 junior "W" winners moving up from
 last year's jayvee nine. They are Bob
 Burger pitcher; Pat McCormick, catcher;
 Gust Cincotta, Chase Mathews and Dick
 Miller, infielders; Don Hahn, John Hil-
 genberg, Ed McNamara and Curt Muel-
 ler, outfielders. Miller and Mueller were
 regulars on the varsity basketball team
 this past winter and are highly regarded
 diamond prospects.
   Sophomore standouts are plentiful and
 include Phil "Pete" Olsen and Jerry
 Mattson, southpaw and righthander re-
April 9--Bradley at Peoria, Ill.
      12-Illinois at Champaign
      14-Glenview NAS at Glenview,
      16-Purdue, Detroit, Michigan St.
          at Lafayette
      22-All-University Tournament at
      23-All-University Tournament at
      25-Marquette at Milwaukee
      29-Marquette at Madison
May    6-Bradley at Madison
       9-Michigan St. at East Lansing
       14-lowa and Minnesota at Iowa
      16-Northwestern at Madison
      23--Glenview Naval Air Station
          at Madison
   26-28-Big Ten Meet at Lafayette,
   19-25--NCAA Meet at Knoxville,
 April 23-Ohio Relays at Columbus
   29-30---Drake Relays at Des Moines
 May   7-lowa at Camp Randall
      14-Big Ten Relays at Evanston
      21-Minnesota and Northwestern
           at Camp Randall
   27-28-Big Ten Meet at Ohio St.
 June  4-Central Collegiates at Mar-
           quette Stadium
  17-18-National Collegiates at Los
     21-Big Ten vs. Pacific Coast In-
          ter-Conference Dual Meet
April 11 -Butler at Indianapolis
      12-Cincinnati U. at Cincinnati
      13--Kentucky at Lexington
      14-Marshall College at Hunting-
          ton, W. Va.
      15-Ohio U. at Athens
      16-Ohio St. at Columbus
      22-Indiana at Bloomington
      23-Purdue at Lafayette
      29-Northwestern at Evanston
      30-lowa at Madison
May    7-Michigan at Madison
      10-Notre Dame at South Bend
      13-Illinois at Madison
      19-Minnesota at Madison
      21-Michigan St. at Madison
   26-28-Big Ten Meet at Evanston
   20-22-NCAA Meet at Chapel Hill,
          N. C.
April 30-Harvard, M.I.T. and Prince-
          ton at Cambridge, Mass.
May 14-Eastern Sprint Regatta at
           Washington, D. C.
      21-California at Oakland Estu-
           ary (also junior varsity)
           Purdue Boat Club vs. Wis.
           Frosh at Lake Mendota
      28-Pennsylvania at Lake Men-
          Culver Military vs. Wis.
          Frosh on Lake Mendota
June 18-I.R.A. Regatta at Syracuse,
          N. Y. (varsity, junior var-
          sity, and freshmen)
April  8-Florida State at Tallahassee
       9-Florida State at Tallahassee
       1 1--Keesler AFB at Biloxi
       12--Keesler AFB at Biloxi
       13--Keesler AFB at Biloxi
       14-Keesler AFB at Biloxi
       1 5--Keesler AFB at Biloxi
       16--Keesler AFB at Biloxi
       22-Michigan St. at East Lansing
       23-Michigan at Ann Arbor
       29-Ohio State at Madison
       30-indiana at Madison
May    6-Northwestern at Evanston
       7-Northwestern at Evanston
       9-Notre Dame at Madison
       10-Notre Dame at Madison
       13-Illinois at Champaign
       14-Purdue at Lafayette (2)
       20-Minnesota at Madison
       21-lowa at Madison (2)
       23-Western Michigan at Madi-
          son (night)
      24-Western Michigan at Madi-
      27-Great Lakes at Madison
      28--Kenosha Chiefs at Kenosha
                             WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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