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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 5 (Feb. 1950)

Meyer, Wallace
Regents give green light to plans for the Wisconsin Center building,   pp. 8-9

Page 9

the alumni and people of W
have sufficient appreciatio:
loyalty to chip in enough foi
ter building. They've done
preliminary w okandthey
about half enough money.
help them finish the job? Th
  Anyone who wants more
lars, please write University
consin Foundation, 905 Un
Ave., Madison.
FIRST FLOOR will contain
an auditorium with a 600-
seat capacity, smaller as-
sembly rooms accommodat-
ing up to 250 people,
lounges, various discussion
and committee rooms, and
an extnenive layouit nf eA.-
m ninistrative offices.
U11 I
        many in substantial amounts. There
        have been encouraging gifts from
        p u b I i c spirited corporations and
        other business firms, as well as from
        foundations and family trusts.
          Two gentlemen who have been
        especially generous of their time and
        energy, both in helping raise money
        and planning the building, are F.
        J. Sensenbrenner and A. J. Horlick.
        When the building is finally up and
        in use, these men will deserve our
        sincere appreciation.
          Altogether more than $1,700,000
        has been raised. But the Center will
        cost a total of no less than $2,850,-
        000. That's where the showdown
        comes in. As alumni we take pride
        in our University's victories and ac-
        complishments. We feel good when
        the legislature puts up the money to
        build some long overdue academic
        buildings  (even though we kick
        about our tax bills).
          It comes down to this: Some of
        our friends have said in public that
L A MG 00   0 M  S T LE E T
Union ai
these ne'
ice and
floor sle4
and conf
will contain enough air-conditioned
conference rooms to hold meetings
simultaneously without coniusion or
crowding. (There will be at least 17
such rooms on the first two floors.)

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