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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 1 (Oct. 1949)

With the classes,   pp. 27-33

Page 29

following an operation. His coach, Dr.
Walter E. Meanwell, still refers to him
as "the greatest center I ever saw."
He won eight athletic letters.
  Leo NASH, native of Wisconsin
Rapids, died July 21 in Florida.
  Mrs. Werner Lutz (Esther MELAAS),
58, died June 17 in Milwaukee.
  Mrs. Bessie BAER Bitner, 59, who
for many years taught in Wisconsin and
Pennsylvania public schools, died July
20 in Baraboo.
1915   .......     ........       W
  Russell F. LEWIS has resigned as
superintendent of p u b 1 i c schools in
Waukesha and will accept a position as
assistant state superintendent.
  New president of the Milwaukee chap-
ter of the American Society of Char-
tered Life Underwriters is Warren E.
CLARK, special agent for Northwestern
  Joseph MACHOTKA, former director
and organizer of Madison's wartime
USO, spoke on '"Christianity and Com-
munism in China" at a Madison church
service last July. He was YMCA direc-
tor at Peiping and Shanghai soon after
World War II.
  Harry A. WEINGARTNER Principal
of Milwaukee's Custer high school for
25 years, was the subject of a surprise
edition of the school paper last spring.
His wife is a classmate, Rhoda ED-
1916 ...   .  ..   ......... W
  An outstanding justice of Wisconsin's
supreme court, John Dunne WICKHEM,
61, died June 19 in Madison. He was a
University law school professor in 1925.
  Gamma Phi Beta, Mrs. Lousene
ROUSSEAU Fry, and Dr. Edmund de
Schweinitz Brunner of 'Columbia uni-
versity were married   in  November,
1948. She is speech editor for Harper
& Bros.
  Mrs. L. R. MANLEY (Madge VAU-
GHAN) died March 16 in LaJolla, Calif.
Her husband is also of the Class of '16.
  Four cases of wax models of gall
bladder operations made in Madison by
Dr. Arnold S. JACKSON and Dr. George
P. SCHWEI, '33, were exhibited last
summer at an AMA convention in At-
lantic .Ctiy.
  Erwin William   FISHER, Mondovi,
died Jan. 13 at his home.
i... ...     ...... .             W..
  Distinguished contributor to a new
MacMillan Co. book, New Compass of
the World (See review on page 00), is
Lawrence MARTIN, formerly with the
University geography department. Dr.
Martin is Honorary Consultant in geog-
raphy at the Library of Congress.
  Dr. Gunnar GUNDERSON, La Crosse,
was elected to the executive committee
of the American Medical association
board of trustees last June.
  Helen Hazel GOODRICH, head of
Fond du Lac English department, died
May 6.
  Raymond George Bressler, 61, Wake-
field, R. I., died May 9, 1948.
  Dr. Clarence James FOREMAN, for-
merly with the University of Cincin-
nati economics department, died "sev-
eral years ago," according to a recent
  Keith S. McHUGH was elected presi-
dent of the New York Telephone Co.,
July 28. He is also vice-president in
charge of accounts and finance of the
parent organization, the American Tele-
phone & Telegraph Co.
1918 .....      ..........         W
  The Stueber Dairy Co., Wausau, ob-
served its 20th  anniversary with a
remodeled plant. George H. STUEBER
is the founder and owner.
  A "Cold Stove" which may be seen
on General Motors travelling display
trucks, was designed by   Harold N.
SHAW. He also developed the fast-
heating Pyr-O-Tube room heater.
  Don HALVERSON, Madison, w a s
recently featured in the Sunday Wis-
PHILIP ID. REED, BS (EE)'21, new pres-
ident of the International Chamber of
Commerce, was on the cover of a na-
tional magazine last June (see 1921
class notes).
   '16 Will Reune Again
   The Class of '16 will hold its
35th reunion in '1951, recently
announced Dr. Arnold S. Jack-
son, Madison, class president.
  Because the class expects to
"fill up the town," members are
being urged to start making
plans and securing hotel reser-
vations. "It will be something
unusual, I can assure you,"
promises Dr. Jackson.
  He also urges that every mem-
ber write him as to their present
address and occupation, how
many sons and daughters will
be back for the reunion, and
what suggestions there are for
making this the "greatest re-
union ever held on the campus."
    mryamember ot tne ;├Żan k'rancisco
stock exchange.
1921 .......       ......... W
  ,Col. Howard J. LOWRY, a key man
on the Veterans administration legal
staff, has been admitted to practice
before the US supreme court.
  Former legislator, Clarence     C.
KRAUSE, 50, died July 11 in Milwau-
kee. He was a Milwaukee school prin-
cipal since 1939.
  Mrs. Eleanor RILEY Grant won the
-Capital Times' first annual drama award
for her outstanding acting in the Mad-
ison Theater guild's "Arsenic and Old
Lace." She played Aunt Abby Brewster.
  "A father and a friend" is the role of
Earl D. BROWN, new head of the Mc-
Kinley Home for Boys at Van Nuys,
Calif. He is a former secretary to the
Madison board of education.
  Philip D. REED landed on the cover
of Newsweek in June as the newly-
elected president of the International
-Chamber of Commerce. Says the maga-
zine: "On Reed's shoulders will fall
much of the burden of stimulating the
thinking of business leaders who now
face the challenge of directing a large
share of the world's economy." He is
chairman of the board of General Elec-
tric Co.
1922 .......       ......... W
  A Wisconsin chapter of the pharma-
ceutical Kappa Psi fraternity was in-
stalled by Dr. Ralph W. CLARK, new
dean of the Oklahoma school of phar-
      (Continued on page 30)
consin State Journal with his houseful
of handy gadgets and modern equip-
  Marshall F. BROWNE, editor of Mad-
ison's East Side News, is a new mem-
ber of the city police and fire commis-
1919 ...    ....   ..... ... W
  Some 400 law school alumni presented
a $5,256 trust fund to Aline MERZ,
reecntly retired secretary to the dean.
She had served 45 years.
  Art 0. HEDQUIST has won the Dis-
tinguished Citizenship award given by
Wagner college, Staten Island, N. Y. He
is a former member of the University
sociology fa~culty and executive secre-
tary of the Staten Island chamber of
  Ray E. BEHRENS has been re-elected
president of the Milwaukee Government
Service league of employees.
  Offices for the private practice of
radiology have been opened by Dr.
Lawrence V. LITTIG at the corner of
Park and University, Madison.
  Gl en n  B. WARREN      of General
Electric is the new  manager of the
company's turbine divisions.
  Mrs. John PINK    (Beatrice M.
HOGAN), 49, Milwaukee, died June 12
from injuries received when a hit-and--
run car crashed into the rear of the
car her husband, '18, was driving.
1920 .....      ..........         W
  Sensei (honorable teacher) Dr. Verna
A. CARLEY, who has been Gen. Mac-
Arthur's adviser for teacher education
since 1946, is helping retrain Japanese
teachers as part of the US occupation
mission. "Little UWs" is her aim for
  Owen James MAIN, 50, died Feb. 26
at home in 'Casey, Ill.
  Capt. Robert L. GILMAN, (MC)
USN, was elected chairman of the Phil-
adelphia Dermatological society  last
  Married July 28 were Lawrence E.
GOODING, Madison, and Mrs. John U.
Allen, Milwaukee. He is chairman of
the state labor relations board.
  Standard Oil (New Jersey) auditor,
Grant G. KINDSCHI, recently returned
from the oil fields of Alberta, Canada.
Whenever there is a major oil discovery
outside the US, Kindschi will be there
"sooner or later."
  A San Francisco financier, Edward 0.
PRINGLE, died July 22. He was for-
  At reunion time last spring,
1917-and    a   lot of   other
classes---"did it again," re-
ports Myra EMERY Burke. It
wasn't a regular reuning year
for the class, but because of
the   Centennial, old   grads
made a    special effort and
staged a comeback character-
istic of every reunion since
1917. Top drawing card was a
big picnic at President Elea-
nore RAMSAY Conlin's. Four
of the 63 ex-Badgers were
back on campus for the first
time since graduation.

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