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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 4, Number 8 (May 1903)

News from the alumni,   pp. 309-313

Page 312

Wisconsin Alumni Xagazýne.
  Martin W. Odland, '97, has been
appointed vice-consul to Copen-
hagen under Raymond R. Frazier,
ex.-'99; and will leave for his new
post in July.
  Miss Mary    Freeman has re,
turned after an absence of four
years in   Europe, spent chiefly
at Copenhagen where her father,
Prof. J. C. Freeman, was consul.
  T. E. Compton of New     York
was a recent guest at the Theta
Delta Chi house.
  Thomas G. Nee is with the Chi-
cago Telephone Co.
  Thomas W. Tormey is an in-
terne at St. Luke's hospital, Chi-
  T. W. Mitchell, who attended
the theological school at Prince-
ton  after graduation  from  the
University of Wisconsin, is now
a missionary teaching in China.
  Geo. Haight, who     graduated
from   Northwestern  law  school
last year, is practicing law  in
Chicago with his uncle.
  W. S. Robertson will present a
thesis  on  Miranda to the Yale
faculty for a Ph. D. degree this
  A. R. Denu, who is in the civil
service' force at Washington, D.
C., was admitted to the bar this
  George Schilling is in business
in  the Philippines and writes
glowing letters of the coInmer-
cial possibilities of that country.
  A. A. Chamberlain is district
attorney at Huron, S. D.
  George W. Swartz, '00, is presi-
dent of the Green County Teach-
ers' association, and H. H. Moe,
'90, is vice-president.
  W. H. Shephard, is supervising
principal of the Bayfield schools,
Manual training was introduced
tlhere in January for both high
school and grades.
  Gustave Ruedger is making an
exceptionally creditable -record.
for himself at the Rush Medical
School, Chicago. He has been
elected  to  an  assistantship in
bacteriology, and also chosen by
the faculty committee as a re-
cipient of the Carnegie benefit
fund. He is now assisting one
of the professors in an expensive.
work of original investigation.
  Arthur F. Smith, '01, who ac-
companied the university profess-
ors and the advanced 'class in
geology to the iron and copper
districts of Northern Wisconsin
and   Michigan, has returned to
Rolla, to resume geological work
as assistant to Dr. E. R. Buckley,
'95, state geologist of Missouri.
  Miss Ella Tormey is an assist-
ant in the Lodi high school.
  The   following  seniors  have
been appointed to serve on the
program and arrangement com-
mittees. Program - Robert      S.
Crawford,   Callista   English,--
Miller, Lulu P. Shaw, Edward T.
Birge.   Arrangements - Herbert
John, Clara Froelich, R. H. Had-
field, Abbie C. Terry and Howell

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