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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 4, Number 8 (May 1903)

Editorial,   pp. 297-298

Gale, Zona
Psalm,   p. 298

Page 298

  293              W8n8in Ali
  athletic' material,-an activity we
  would do well to emulate. But the
  search for niaterial must not be
  confined to athletic lines. We heed
  the best orators and debaters, the
  best workers in every branch of
  student activity, the brightest stu-
  dents, no less than. the best ath-
  letes. We must have freshmen
  from  the most cultured homes,
  boys and girls of the stronge~st
  imental and moral fibre, as well as
  the men with. interscholastic rec-
"ords. If the grade of the student
body is to be raised, we must have
  freshmen whose moral principles
  are cleaner, whose mental attain'.
  ments are larger, whose apprecia-
  tion of the best things in life will
  be keener, than that of the aver-
  age freshman. Not that the uni-
  First, I give thanks for flowers,
       for fairy flowers,
  Fashioned in unsown dust, as if
       the hours,
 Wistful and sweet, were from their
       graves to rise,
  Perfumed with past delight, in
       petal guise.
  Here, in the seeding grass, all
       webs and dew,
  I give God thanks for flowers, and
       so for you,
 Dear woman-flower.
 I give God thanks for stars. I
       love the night,
  Because it brings the stars. When
        all the light
  Has been kissed dim by dark, I
        stand to see
  Frank, open heaven made a mystery
£mni -Magazine.
versity does not welcome every
student who comes here with the
intention of doing his work prop-
erly, but it is the best material
which we are most apt to lose to
rivals that make a special effort to
secure it. The good which the uni-
versity does depends to a very
large extent upon the character of
its students. Therefore let the
alumni endeavor to secure the very
best class of students possible.
Especially ought these considera-
tions to appeal to the graduate of
more recent years. In many cases
they are in close touch with high
school students who are planning
college courses, and can exert a
very strong influence in determin-
ing the choice of a college.
By quiet eyes that look from out
      the blue,
Strange as your eyes. Then I give
      thanks for you,
Dear woman-star.
I thank my God for wonder. For
      my days
Are mute with wonder and my
      voice with praise;
As when I hear a lark, or when
      my hand
Brushes your little fsleeve, or when
      is fanned
My face by the first wind of dawn.
      God knew
I wist not how to praise Him with
      out you,
Dear wonder-girl.
   -ZONA GALE, '95, In Munsey's.

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