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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 8 (May 1948)

Faculty profile,   p. 28

Page 28

  V "~4~ 1%V4de
Bridges and Highways
Hold No Secrets for
UW's Engineering Dean
   MORTON 0. WITHEY, Dean of the
         College of Engineering
  AMONG THE THINGS about which
Morton 0. Withey could well boast (but
doesn't) are his position as Dean of
Engineers at the UW, his five children,
his 42 years of service at Wisconsin,
his possession of the Wason research
medal, and his place as the only Withey
in Who's Whd.
  Born 65 years ago in Connecticut,
Morton Withey went to grammar school
in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and got
his BS from Dartmouth. He then went
to work at the Illinois Steel Co., rapidly
tired of it, and returned to school as
an assistant in drawing and surveying.
He managed to pick up another degree
while at it.
  It was in 1905 that he came to Wis-
consin as an instructor in mechanics.
Here he fell in love and married Iola M.
Harker, '08. Five children were born
of that match: Marion, Norman, Eliza-
beth, Mildred, and Loren.
  Dean Withey has been a professor
since 1920. His work as construction
testing engineer for the Wisconsin
Highway Commission earned him many
honors, including the coveted Wason
medal in 1932 from the American Con-
crete Institute at its annual convention
in Washington, D. C.
  He has served as president of the
Wisconsin Society of Professional Engi-
neers and the American Concrete Insti-
tute. He is also a member of the
American Society for Testing Mate-
rials, the Society for Promotion of
Engineering Education, Phi Beta
Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi,
Sigma Xi, Chi Epsilon, and Chi Phi.
He is the author of numerous engineer-
ing guidebooks and magazine articles.
And he is active in the American As-
sociation of University Professors.
  Dean Withey's speciality is a vast
knowledge of the field of material
strength. He can study a bridge or a
skyscraper briefly and tell you just
how it will stand up in a hurricane,
earthquake, or under other strains.
  His principal recreations are camp-
ing and golf.
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 1937 .....     ..........           W
 Robert S. BOARDMAN of Fort Atkinson
 recently entered the Chicago Theological
 Seminary. A  former lawyer, he served
 during the war in the European theater
 ... James T. JUDD was recently promoted
 to membership and public relations chair-
 man of the Consolidated Badger Coopera-
 tive . . . Jerry BARTELL, formerly pro-
 duction director of the UW campus station
 WHA, now owns WEXT in Milwaukee. His
 many record albums for children are the
 backbone of a children's program aired over
 the new station.
 1938 .....     ..........           W
 Mr. and Mrs. John F. SCHARNKE have
 moved recently to 215 Sixth Ave., Baraboo.
 They announce the birth of a daughter,
 Barbara Jean, last Sept. 10. Other child is
 a son, Frederick John, 3.
 1939 .......      .........         W
 Major and Mrs. Melvin SCHLAAK, for-
 merly of Madison, are now   in Japan.
 Address: Hq. 28th Station Hospital,
 APO#25, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco,
 Calif.... Another new address: Lt. Cmdr.
 Kenneth P. KNUDTSON       (MC) USN,
 245-03 Union Turnpike, Bellerose, Long
 Island, New York . . . Lloyd F. ANDER-
 SON is now with the Basilan Lumber Co.,
 Manila, Philippine Islands . . . Mrs. Julie
 HANSTROM Nelson and her son, Gabriel,
 5, were killed in an auto accident last
 March 14. The father and husband. Robert
 G. Nelson,, was injured. The family lived
 in Fox Point . . . Janice BENSON is
 now a wage analyst for" the foreign service
 branch of the US State Department in
 Washington. Her job involves much travel-
 ing; after visiting Mexico City she will
 embark either for Europe or the Orient
 * . . Ralph D. BECKER     and Pauline
 Subeck were married last Jan. 25 in Chi-
 cago. They are now living in Madison at
 3400 Monona Drive. . . Andrew NEWMAN
 was recently named permanent director of
 the Department of Domestic Conciliation
 in Milwaukee. He and his family live there
 at 503 N. 33rd St. They have two children,
 Joel, 7, and Lorrie Ruth, 2 . . . Lt. Gene
 WELCH, wartime bomber pilot, recently
 joined the ROTC staff at the University of
 Wisconsin . . . Dr. George SIMON recently
 opened offices at St. Nazianz for the gen-
 eral practice of surgery and medicine. He
 is also a graduate of the University of
 Hawaii and served during the war in the
 Army Medical Corps.
 1940  .  .  . ....  .......        W
 Lt. Harry H. DANAHER is now sta-
 tioned at Waller Field in Trinidad doing
 obstetrics and gynecology. His address is
 359th' Station Hospital, APO 4869, c/o
 Postmaster, Miami, Fla. . . . Lawrence E.
 GARITY was recently selected as the out-
 standing young man in Duluth by the
 Junior Chamber of Commerce there. He is
 an official of the city printing firm . . *
 Lt. Roger E. JOHNSON was recently trans-
 ferred to the Hamilton Air Force Base,
 California. He saw action in the European
 and Pacific theaters during the war .
 Dr. A. Frederick RASMUSSEN, Jr., re-
 cently joined the UYW Medical School staff
 as associate professor of microbiology and
 preventive medicine. His wife is the former
 Bessie Tatum, daughter of UW professor
 A. L. Tatum, chairman of the Department
 of Pharmacology ... William M. LOVELL
was recently appointed Iowa manager of the
United Press . . . Marvin KLITSNER and
Jane Traxler were married last March 14
in Milwaukee, where they are now living
on North Wilson Drive . . . Mr. and Mrs.
Walter MEHL announce the birth of a
son, their first, John Walter, last March 19.
Wally was field secretary for the Wisconsin
Alumni Association . . . Dr. Clair L. WOR-
LEY, head of Youngstown College's Biol-
ogy Department, recently finished writing
a new text book, The Basic Principles of
General Biology.
1941 .....      ..........           W
  Richard E. USHER is now with the Divi-
sion of South Asian Affairs, Department
of State, Washington, D. C .... Paul HIB-
BARD of Jefferson recently opened law
offices in Waterloo. He served in the attor-
ney general's office in Madison for almost
3 years . . . Dr. Max M. SMITH and Lt.
Katherine C. Ehrhart were married last
Feb. 21 in Topeka, Kans. They are now
living in Madison, Wis., where he is serv-
ing his residency at the Wisconsin General
Hospital ... Charles SCOTT and Catherine
Beer were married last Feb. 14 in Mon-
tello. They are now living at 1441 Twenty-
fourth St., Santa Monica, Calif. She is a
nurse and he is an engineer with the North
American Aircraft Co. . . . John L.
BRUEMMER was recently admitted to the
Wisconsin bar. He has opened offices in
Madison for the practice of law.
1942                                 W
  Mr. and Mrs. Culver A. HEFFERNON
(Frances MOSLEY, '44) announce the
birth of Margaret Susan last Feb. 14. Their
son, James Curtis, is 38. The Heffernons
live at 3730 Caroline Ave., Indianapolis.
Mr. Heffernon is service supervisor of the
Indianapolis sales office of the Linde Air
Products Co. . . .Franklin L NEHS has
moved from Neillsville to 902 E. Eldorado
St., Appleton. He graduated from the Uni-
versity of Michigan Law School in 1947
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