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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 8 (May 1948)

Badgers you should know,   pp. 26-27

Page 27

How ELECTROMET Serves the Steel Industry-
N addition to providing a full line of high-quality ferro-alloys
  and alloying metals, Electro Metallurgical Company serves
steelmakers in other important ways:
Fiei  mverualurgahJs - x ou
can obtain the help of our
trained metallurgists who ren-
der on-the-job assistance in
the use of ferro-alloys. These
men are qualified to suggest
the grades and sizes of alloys
best suited for your particular
steel and practice.
Experience-Our store of information about ferro-alloys and
their use, based on over 40 years' experience in producing
them, is available to the steel industry.
Technical Booklets-Yo.u will find
helpful information about ferro-al-
loys and metals in ELECTROMET'S free
technical booklets and reprints.
Among these are "ELECTROMET
Products and Service"       and
"ELECTROMET Ferro-Alloys and
Metals." Write to our Technical Service Department to obtain
copies of these booklets.
Laboratory Research-
You can benefit by the new
alloys developed by our con-
tinuous laboratory research.
Developments from this
research include the low-
carbon ferro-alloys, silicoman-
ganese, SILCAz alloy, calcium
metal, calcium-silicon, and
Convenient Stocks -
You can count on prompt
deliveries of ferro-alloys
from ELECTROMET, since
our offices, plants, and
warehouses are conven-
iently located to insure
efficient service.
ELECTROMET Ferro-Alloys and Metals
Information about these and other alloys and metals produced
by ELECTROMET is contained in the booklet, "ELECTROMET
Products and Service." Write for a copy.
CHROMIUM... Low-Carbon Ferrochrome (in all grades from
0.03% maximum to 2.00% maximum Carbon), Nitrogen-Bearing
Low-Carbon Ferrochrome, High-Carbon  Ferrochrome, SM
Ferrochrome, Chromium  Metal, CMSZ    Mix, and  other
Chromium Alloys.
VANADIUM... Ferrovanadium in all grades and Vanadium
COLUMBIUM... Ferrocolumbium.
MANGANESE... Standard Ferromanganese, Low-Carbon and
Medium-Carbon Ferromanganese, Low-Iron Ferromanganese,
Manganese Metal, and other Manganese Alloys.
SILICOMANGANESE ... Max. 1.50 and 2.00% Carbon Grades.
TUNGSTEN ... Ferrotungsten, Tungsten Powder, and Calcium
Tungstate Nuggets.
BORON ... Ferroboron, Manganese-Boron,
SILCAz Alloy.
Nickel-Boron, and
SILLCONW-Ferrosilicon in allgrades includin bothregular and
low-aluminum material, Silicon Metal, SMZ Alloy, and other
Silicon Alloys.
TITANIUM.,. Ferrotitanium, Silicon-Titanium, and Manganese-
CALCIUM... Calcium-Silicon, Calcium-Manganese-Silicon, and
Calcium Metal.
"EM" BRIQUETS... Silicon, Silicomanganese, Ferromanganese,
and Chromium Briquets.
ZIRCONIUM ... 12-15%, and 35-40% Zirconium All6ys, and
"CMSZ," "Electromet," "EM," "Silcaz,"
"SM," and "SMZ"
are trade-marks of Electro Metallurgical Company.
  ELECTROMET Ferro-Alloys and Metals are sold by Electro
Metallurgical Sales Corporation. Offices: Birmingham--
Chicago - Cleveland-- Detroit- New York-- Pittsburgh-
San Francisco.
                                         Electro      Metallurgical Company
Electrom              et                       Unit of Union Carbide and
Carbon Corporation
fferr-Alloys ana Metals                        30 East 42nd Street [M  New
York 17, N.Y.
           In Canada: Electro Metallurgical Company of Canada, Limited, Welland,

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