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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 6 (March 1947)

Construction,   p. 9

Page 9

                                   Capital Times photo by Miller
VETERANS WHO THOUGHT THEY had seen the last of the army's
ubiquitous Quonset huts on Adak or in Britain came back to the Uni-
versity only to find the selfsame huts sprawled over thlý lower campus.
Members of a freshman English class peer out of one' of the six emer-
gency classrooms which now stand where the BOTC used to drill An
emergency reading room nearby has just been opened. This new re-
serve book room will replace the reserve book room in the basement
of Bascom Hall but the Bascom Hall room will still be used as a study
room by students on the Hill. The Quonset library has a 10,000-book
capacity and seating places for 270 students, as compared with Bas-
corn's 6.000-book stacks and chairs for only 240. The emergency build.
ing is being used for experimental purposes in making plans for the
University's new library, building on matters such. as ceiling height and
   CONSTRUCTION OF emergency class-
 room, laboratory, housing, and . public
 service. buildings is moving ahead slowly
 but steadily-on the University of Wiscon-
 sin campus, today. These are the construc-
 tion projects under way:
   Quonset huts. Seven Quonset-classrooms
 are now in use on theý lower campus. Two
 Quonset-offices are occupied on the east
 porch of th6 Memorial Union. Two
 Quonset-laboratories are nearing comple-
 tion near the Electrical Engineering
   Emergency buildings. Some 140,000
 square feet of surplus army barracks are
 beinz moved froCamp          Co     the
 campus to form 19 classrooms and labora-
 tories and one cafeteria. The cafeteria, to
 be operated by the Memorial Union, will
 be located at the southeast corner of Uni-
 versity Ave. and Breese Terrace. The other
 buildings will be scattered -over the cam-
 pus, some near Chadbourne Hall, ,others
 to the rear of BasCom Hall, and the rest
 centering around Agriculture Hall.
   Trailer camp. A park 'where students
 may set up their own trailers is being in-
 stalled near the East Hill Farm, There*
 will be room for 100 trailers.
 -Tr~u-a-xFie'ld., Additional facilities -a r be-
 ing converted to give Truax Field a top
 capacity of 1500 single men and 100 mar-
 ried couples by next fall.
   Badger Village. At -the University's
housing project near Sauk City, 248 more
apartments will be ready by Apr. 1. The
project now holds 451 student veterans
and their families.
for 200 single men is moving ahead near
Tripp and Adams Halls. The building will.
be named after the late Dean Charles
Sumner Slichter.
  Atom lab. Construction has started on
a basement laboratory addition to Ster-
ling Hall which will house the University's
atom-smasher, now back on the campus
after wartime duty at Los Alamos, N. M.
  FM tower. A new broadcasting tower is
going up near Radio Hall which will make
WHA the first University station in the
country equipped to air FM programs.
  WARF lab. A new Wisconsin. Alumni
Research Foundation laboratory is under
construction near the Forest Products
Laboratory. The new building will serve
as a center for all WARF control work and
will also house the central offices of the
Foundation, now located in Bascom Hall.
  WARF apartments. Architects are now
drawing the final plans for the Wisconsin
Alumni Research Foundation's "garden
apartments" project to be erected between
the base of Picnic Point and Shorewood
Hills. The 150-unit building is expected to
be at least partially ready for occupancy
by next September.

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