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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 60-62

Page 61

November, 1936                                     61       -
classes for special comments. Every opportunity will
be granted him, Frank said, to become acquainted
with the rich farmlands of Wisconsin so that he "may
come to think in terms of the roots and soil of Wis-
consin just as he has of his native Kansas."
  Curry will receive $4,000 a year, it was learned,
the funds to come from the trust estate of the late
Thomas E. Brittingham, whose bequest at one time
financed Alexander Meiklejohn in his establishment
of the famed but much attacked experimental college.
A $4,000 grant from the state emergency board will
finance construction of the studio.
Landon        Said Republican presidential candidate,
Praises       Gov. Alf. M. Landon of Kansas, from
University    the back of his special train to 5000
              rain-soaked hearers in the mud at the
end of King Street during a three-minute speech, "Let
me emphasize particularly the importance of educa-
tional freedom. The great University of Wisconsin                       
       Therical Po     t   is
is known throughout the nation for its academic                         Student
elections wilt be held on Nov. 5
freedom  . . . . The achievements of Wisconsin men
in the sciences, in letters, in economics and in political
sciences have contributed greatly to our national prog-  living have been
contacted and it is expected that most
ress. Today however, the freedom of education is        of them will attend
the Homecoming.
of most vital importance."
                                                        Alumnus Says    
      Wisconsin is the most un-
Homecoming      Thousands of alumni from all parts     University Is    
      American minded state in the
Will Draw       of the state and nation will return    "Spiritually
Poor"     union, and its University is
Thousands       to the Campus on Saturday, October                      
      one of the greatest in the
                 3 1, to take part in what students,    world, "yet
it is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese,"
faculty, and alumni are already looking forward to as  said Richard Lloyd
Jones, ex '97, of the Tulsa Trib-
one of the biggest Homecoming events in history.        une in a recent editorial.
  More than 10,000 letters have been sent out to          The editorial,
which refers to Wisconsin as "a
Wisconsin alumni throughout the nation urging them     state to study,"
says, "It's the state which encour-
to return to the Campus for the celebration, accord-   ages its citizens
to be foreign-minded, think in foreign
ing to Gordon Fuller, general chairman of Home-         terms, read in a
foreign tongue, and worship in
coming plans-. - Already many alumni -have- wiritten- to -  -foreign -language
-churches- under---f-o-r-eig-n----in-ded---
Puller assuring him of their intentions to return to   preachers. "
the Campus for this year's Homecoming.                    Unlike citizens
of other states who call themselves
  Among the replies was that of Dr. A. H. Curtis,      "Americans,"
the majority of Wisconsin people en-
prominent Chicago physician, who was captain of         countered on the
highway describe themselves as
the 1901 championship football team and an out-         "Norwegians,"
  "Polish,"  "German" or "Swiss,"
standing student during his University career.  Dr.    Jones wrote, and he
charged that the University re-
Curtis wrote that "Even though 35 years have passed    gents were "so
intellectually dishonest and so callous
since my last football season, your invitation makes   to the ethics of art
that they gave the creating credit
my heart beat faster, and I                                             
      of that inspirational monu-
shall be pleased to return for      ---                                 
      ment (the Lincoln statue on
Homecoming." t                                                     
           the upper campus) to a most
  Wisconsin's Homecoming                                                
     estimable   Madison   citizen
gridiron foe this year will be                                          
      who   never himself would
Chicago, one of the tradition-                                          
      claim so much, who actually
al football rivals of the Bad-  i   .                                   
      gave nothing but the cost of
gers. The game will climax                                              
      the cast.'"
the Homecoming celebration,                                             
        The editorial charged that
which this year will have as                                            
      the University thinks tech-
its theme the bewitching spir-                                          
      nically but not truthfully,
it of Hallowe'en.   Another                                             
      that "no university is more
feature of the 1936 Home-                                               
      impoverished for lack of in-
coming will be a reception,                                             
      spirational and spiritual pow-
immediately after the Wis-                                              
      ers than is the University of
consin-Chicago game, for the                                            
      Wisconsin," and that "with
members of the 1901 Ws                                                  
      all its technical efficiencies
consin team  which captured                                             
      (it) has not rendered Wis-
the Big Ten football chain-                                             
      consin respectable."
pionship.  Fifteen members       All set for a luscious steak fry on Sunset
Point,  It is alleged that while the
of the 1901 squad who are           Eagle Heights or the Tent Colony grounds
 University may train efficient

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