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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

The student and his University,   pp. 38-39

Page 38

       The Student and His University
                         c~~raet  4GevijeJ      <Sriu        peyaratian
A   DVISING     students that they should spend       wall should be built
around the University, in which
    their years in the University of Wisconsin get-   students should be
hermetically sealed from the out-
    ting ready to act wisely in the life of their time,  side world."
but that they are not in school to act or to organize    "I merely mean
that you, as students, should take
and promote propagandas, Pres. Glenn Frank ad-         the opportunity afforded
by your years on this cam-
dressed a crowd of about 7,000 students at the an-     pus to stay back of
the front line trenches and to sta-
nual All-University convocation held in the field      bilize and discipline
your judgment for the time when
house on October 11.                                   you are called upon
to serve your generation," he
  Warning that "when men are afraid of uncertain-     asserted.
ty, they move heaven and earth to impose their iron      Pointing out that
a university cannot surrender its
clad patterns on every such powerful social institu-   freedom to explore
and sift facts unless it wants to
tion as the Univer-                                                     
            commit suicide Pres.
sity," Pres. Frank as-                                             
                 Frank declared that
serted that it is im-                                                   
            his only  appeal to
portant that in a time                                                  
            both  students  and
of  confusion  both                                                     
            faculty was that they
teachers and students                                                   
            use this priceless free-
"keep sun clear what                                               
                 dom  responsibly, as
the real business of                                                    
            a part of education,
the University is."                                                
                 not as an instigator
  "The teacher must                                                
                of action in an adult
know what he is here                                                    
            world, but as a help
for, and the student                           01 I                     
            to study in a student
must know what he                                                       
is here for," he de-                                               
                   "The    University
clared.  "Otherwise                                                
                 of  Wisconsin   will
either or both may                                                      
            never permit itself to
divert the University                                                   
            be browbeaten   into
from its main busi-                                                     
            surrender of the fun-
ness, entangle it in all                                                
            damental freedom to
sorts of   irrelevant                                                   
            explore and investi-
purposes, and dissi-                                                    
            gate, without which
pate its energies in               President Frank addresses the student
body        human   progress is
useless warfares."     "The University will never surrender its
right to explore and investigate"  impossible,"  he in-
  The fundamental                                                       
           sisted. "But let us
duty the University owes its students, as far as the    administer that freedom
so fairly and honestly that
purely intellectual side of education is concerned, the  if anybody attacks
it they will have to come out in
president said, is to discipline their judgments, to help  the open and attack
it directly by revealing their dis-
them master the difficult art of weighing evidence and  belief in the freedom
which has been responsible for
arriving at rational conclusions about the life of the  the advance of the
human race."
time, to emancipate them from the corroding influ-       The University's
new electric organ, played by Dr.
ences of passion, prejudice, and partisanship.         Charles H. Mills,
director of the School of Music,
  "This is what we are all here for," he maintained.  augmented
music played by the 200-piece student
"As teachers, we are here to direct this business of    band under the
direction of Prof. Ray Dvorak, at the
intellectual discipline. As students, we are here to   convocation. Seated
with Pres. Frank on the speak-
subject ourselves to this discipline, as an eager ath-  er's platform were
numerous officials of the Univer-
lete perfects his skill by mastering the technique of  sity, including Deans
Louise T. Greeley, Scott H.
the game."                                             Goodnight, W.
S. Middleton, F. E. Turneaure,
  Then to the students Pres. Frank said directly:     Frank 0. Holt, Lloyd
K. Garrison, Chris L. Chris-
  "As students you are not here to act.  You are      tensen, C. J.
Anderson, G. C. Sellery, and Business
here to get ready to act wisely in the life of your time.  Manager J. D.
You are not here to organize and promote propa-
gandas.  You are here to learn how to keep your       State Senator Attacks
heads in the midst of a world bombarded by myriad
propagandas both sound and sinister. If, as fresh-            Frank in  
  Supplementary Report
men and sophomores, let us say, you were able wisely
to determine just what the final answer is to the polit-  APPARENTLY not
entirely satisfied with the con-
ical, social, and economic dilemmas of our time, there   tent of the report
of the State senate committee
would be no need of your attending a university."     which investigated
the University last spring, Senator
  Pres. Frank emphasized, however, that by advis-     William H. Shenners,
Jr., of West Allis, presented a
ing students not to act, he did not mean that "a high   supplementary
report of his own on September 27.

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