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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number VII (April 1935)

With the Badger sports,   pp. 223-228

Page 227

April, Nineteen thirty-five                                             
  The March meeting of the club was held on Fri-
Headquarters. All the fascinating details of a modern                   
police plant were revealed to the members. Finger
print intricacies, the elaborate radio system, and the
finer points of the "show ups" were explained in        a     
  Our tentative program includes a bridge party and
Wisconsin movie on April 26, a picnic in May, and   m    il             
a dinner dance in June.
                       RUTH VAN Roo, Secretary.                    _
APRIL    195
Milwaukee Alumni Makes Plans for                        P              12345
  Gala Post Lenten Cabaret Dance                                   7 18 11
 1 182 13
o NE of the high lights which will mark the .termi-    U21 22 2312425 26
   nation of the Lenten season, is a formal cabaret                28 291301
dance which will be held at the Wisconsin Club on
Friday, April 26th, for all Milwaukee Alumni and        5               
students of the University of Wisconsin. This event,
which is being held during the spring recess, may be
properly called an all Wisconsin night inasmuch as the                  
students and the alumni will get together for a night  6. Baseball-Illinois
Normal School at Normal.
Of dancing, bridge and other entertainment.
  of e dancin, bridgeanid WisotheentrinAlment. C7. University Orchestra Concert
in Music Hall,
  The newly organized Wisconsin Alumni Club of             4:15 P. M.
Milwaukee will sponsor this affair not only for the
purpose of a desirable get-together, but to utilize the  8. Boxing-North
Dakota University at Madison.
proceeds for the establishment of a scholarship fund.  11. Milwaukee Alumni
Club-Prof. W. H. Kiek-
  In addition to the usual cabaret entertainment, there   hofer dinner at
the City Club.
will be a special selection of dance numbers which are  11 th Annual Gridiron
Banquet in the Union.
being arranged by Joseph Blatecki, '28, and Roland  12. Baseball-Bradley
Tech at Peoria.
Icke, '28, former unusual directors of the Haresfoot
Club. The dance numbers will be arranged by years   13. Baseball-Bradley
Tech at Peoria.
or periods and played for the various classes according  14. University Concert
Band concert in Music Hall
to the popularity of their time.                           at 4:15 P. M.
  C. Harold Ray is chairman of the party and will be  16. Lecture by Alfred
G. Pelikan of the Layton Art
assisted by Merrill E. Taft, Dr. Ralph P. Sproule,         Institute of Milwaukee
on "The Art of the
Russell G. Winnie, William F. Buech, Willard Wilder        Child and Its
Development" in Tripp Com-
and T. Westly Tuttle.                                      mons at 8 P. M.
  Tickets will be one dollar a couple and may be   19
obtained at the Hurley and Reilly store, 219 E. Wis-    Baseball-Illinois
at Madison.
consin Ave., Milwaukee, or from club members.        20. Baseball-Illinois
at Madison.
                                                         Spring Recess commences
after the last classes.
   Milwaukeeans to Hear Kiekhofer                    21. Easter Sunday.
M  EMBERS of the Milwaukee Alumni club will         22. Haresfoot plays in
    entertain Prof. W. H. Kiekhofer of the Depart-  23. Haresfoot plays in
Fond du Lac.
ment of Economics at their April 11 meeting at the       Baseball-Western
State Teachers College at
City club. Prof. Kiekhofer will discuss current eco-       Kalamazoo.
nomic problems at the meeting which will follow the  24. Haresfoot plays
in Sheboygan.
regular monthly dinner.                                 Baseball-Western
State Teachers College at
  Dr. H. L. Russell, director of the Wisconsin Alum-      Kalamazoo.
ni Research Foundation, spoke to the club on March      Board of Regents
14. He gave an authoritative discussion of the work  25. Haresfoot plays
in Kenosha.
of the Foundation and the men whose inventions          Baseball-Michigan
  State  College  at  East
made its establishment possible.                           Lansing.
                                                    26. Milwaukee Alumni
Club dance at the Wisconsin
  There are approximately 1,063,000 teachers in all       club.
types of schools in the United States. About 700,-       B    llSe
000 of these are in elementary schools, about 250,-      Las  ing.
000 in secondary schools, and about 90,000 in col-         Lansing.
              leges.                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~Haresfoot
plays in Chicago.
  There were in America in 1932 about 1,900,000    27. Haresfoot plays in
Milwaukee at the Davidson
living college graduates and about 8,100,000 living        Theater.
high school graduates who had not continued their        Baseball-Michigan
at Ann Arbor.
education through colleges, it is revealed by govern-   Track-Drake Relays
at Des Moines.
ment statistics.                                    29. Instruction resumed
after Spring Recess.

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