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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number VII (April 1935)

In the alumni world,   pp. 218-222

Page 221

April, Nineteen thirty-five                                             
nied and has two children: Ann Denton,   icy pavements near Augusta on March
16 months old, and Julane, about four    They were returning to their home
months.-John M. COATES is now as-        Madison after attending the wedding
sistant general counsel for the New York   Virginia BENNETT, '26 and J. Ward
                   C   o   o   l
Central Railroad. He was formerly with   RECTOR, '30. Irving RECTOR, who
the firm of Hickson Z Fallonie. His nevwr  with them and who is a member
of the
office is at the La Salle St. station, Chi-  law firm of Gilman, Larkin,
and Rector
cago, care of the N. Y. Central R. R.---  at Mondovi, escaped with a few
bruises.           C    lean
Thomas M. WINSTON is practicing medi-
cine in Sayville, L. I., N. Y. He was               Class of 10909      
                        Q        j
married in November, 1934, to Claire                                    
                            u    let
Evans and they are living at 15 Greeley     John DILLON, M.A., was the co-
ave.-Ivan BRANHAM is a partner in a      author of an article, "Method
for Meas-
merchandise and lumber business in Say-  uring Pressure in a Rubber Extruding
lersville, Ky.-Rudolph ALLGEIER is a     Machine," which appeared in
the February  To completely air-condition our five
research chemist with the Publicker Com-  issue of the Physics magazine.-A
 son,  finest trains to California, we are spend-
mercial Alcohol co. in Philadelphia. His  Lyle Pritchard, was born on January
25  ing more than $2,000,000. The job will
home address is 45 Colfax road, Upper    to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle T. PRITCHARD
of     be finished early this summer. In every
Darby.                                     La Salle, Ill. He died January
26.-       car on the Sunset Limited (New Or-
                                           Through error the February issue
of the  leans-Los Angeles), Golden State Lim-
         Class of 1928                    Magazine stated that the husband
of        ited (Chicago-Los Angeles), Overland
                           1928           ~~~~Leona GILLETTE Kern is on the
legal   Limited and Pacific Limited (Chicago-
  Nephi CHRISTENSEN is completing two    staff to the President of the Equitable
Lifeg  San Francisco) and Cascade (Portland-
years of graduate work at the California  Assurance society. It is she herself
who  San Francisco), you'll enjoy the cool,
Institute of Technology at Pasadena and  occupies this position while her
husband,  clean, quiet luxury of fresh, conditioned
hopes to receive his doctor's degree in Sep-  who was one of her classmates
at Colum-  air. There will be no extra charge for
tember. Prior to taking up work at the   bia, is now an assistant corporation
coun-  this convenience.
Institute of Technology he taught mathe-  sel and is assigned to the Mayor's
matics and sciences at Ricks College, Idaho.  as Law Secretary to Mayor La
Guardia.  Low summer roundtrip fares to Cali-
He expects to continue in the teaching   -Marion BAILEY is taking a year
of       fornia are in effect from  May 15 to
field.  He is married and has two sons,  further study at the University
of Chi-  October 15. Plan to see the California
one five and the other two years old.-   cago.  She plans to prepare herself
for  Pacific International Exposition (San
Margaret STEDMAN Rodney had the ter-     work in foods and nutrition.-Warren
     Diego, May 29 to November 11). We
rifying experience of having her house   PRICE is now working in the Associated
  will have direct, through air-conditioned
burned down.   She and her children es-  Press office at Columbus, Ohio.-Grover
  Pullman service on the Sunset Limited
caped harm and the family heirlooms were  A. J. NOETZEL, an instructor in
the de-  and Golden State Limited via Carriso
rescued, but the house was completely    partment of economics at the University,
 Gorge and Agua Caliente. A new book-
destroyed.-Another of Stuart Palmer's    has received a research fellowship
from  let describing the Exposition will be
books, "The Puzzle of the Pepper Tree,"  the Social Science Research
council of New  sent upon request.
has been made into a movie which is be-  York. His fellowship, which is for
ing shown under the title, "Murder on a  year and which pays about $3,000,
will       i      'i
Honeymoon."-Mary ESCHWEILER, who           take him to Europe in June
for fifteen              1'
has been employed in the attorney gen-   months to study the modern international
eral's office in Madison for the past two  scene in relation to the growth
of nation-
years, has been appointed senior law clerk  alism. The research, which will
be cen-
in the Milwaukee city attorney's office.  tered in London, Paris, and Geneva,
She is the first woman to represent the  be such as to permit its future
city of Milwaukee on legal matters.--    tion in book form.-William H. Woo
is _
Faerie KOHLHASE Crossland is now living  district supervisory engineer for
the Bu-
at 580 Phillips ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. Her  reau of Public Roads in Nanking,
husband is a bank examiner for the RFC.  He writes: "The work is responsible
-Claire MAVOR Forester and her hus-       interesting, and there are promotions
band, Frederick, who is in the advertis-  I can look forward to. The political
ing business, live at 320 S. 5th ave., La  uation is improving right along.
  I'm                               -
Grange. She writes: "In the summers we    still single but will be married
in June."     ,5                     -
vacation at Lake Okoboji, Iowa where we  -Kitty SCHOENFELD Hieber is living
have a motor boat. This fall we pulled     700 Sackett st.. Cuyahoga Falls,
Ohio.-              -                -
the boat home on a trailer and are plan-  George F. DRAKE is the owner of
the                    The Salad Bowl
ning a trip down the Mississippi in it next  George F. Drake Advertising
agency lo-
year. Last winter we spent three weeks   cated at 407 S. Dearborn st.. Chicago.
in the South."-Several months ago Esme   is married and is living at
241 Oak st.,        HELP     YOURSEl
FLACK   Cuthbertson's  husband   retired   Elmhurst.                    
                    HELP YOURSELF
from the brokerage business in Chicago                                  
and at present they are living on a plan-                               
                      on     t    snrs         er
tation in Louisiana.  They are raising              Class of 1930       
            many restaurants have flattered us by
cotton, alfalfa, clover hay, and consider-  Arthur K. KROM is doing very
nicely   adopting the Salad Bowl and Casserole,
able livestock. Their new address is Glenn  in the men's clothing business.
In 1933  two specialties originated by our dining
Plantation, Frogmore, La.-Harry    S.    he opened his own store in Merrill,
Wis..  car service. They are placed before you
PAGE is an attorney for the Dallas Title  given over to men's furnishings
exclusive-  and you help yourself to as much as you
and Guaranty co., in Dallas. Tex.  He    ly. after having been associated
with his  want. These specialties are featured in
and Martha ROWLAND Page are the par-     father in the clothing business
until the  our popular "Meals Select"-complete
ents of twin girls born February 2. 1934.  latter's death a few  years ago.-Larry
 luncheonsanddinners for aslittleas80c.
-Katharine LUMPKIN is a research assist-  SHOMAKER of football fame, is employed
 We are proud of our dining car service
ant in the sociological department of    with a pipe line and utility company
in  and of our reputation for western hos-
Smith  college, Northampton. Mass.-       Owatonna, Minn. He is the assistant
     pitality. Next time you come West, we
Burton W. DEPUE is with the Burton        purchasing agent for the district.-Ebert
 invite you to see the West on Southern
Holmes Films. Inc. in Chicago. He and    "Sarra"  WARREN, formerly
employed       Pacific.
Carolyn OLSON Depue and their three       with General Electric in Schenectady,
year old son, Courtney, live at 126 Cus-  recently accepted a position as
adjuster  For information about a trip to California;
ter ave., Evanston.-Walter BLOXDORF is   with the Hartford Indemnity &
Casual-    or Mexico, write 0. P. Bartlett, Dept.
a metallurgist with the MacWhyte co. in  ty co. at Albany, N. Y.-"Three
Who       Z-4, 3IO So. Michigan Blvd., Chicago.
Kenosha.-Edwin LARKIN, an attorney        Died," is the title of the
latest book by
in Mondovi. was seriously injured and his  August W. DERLETH. The scenes
in this
wife was killed when their car skidded on  book, as well as in his other
two, are  Southeri n               Paciuic

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