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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number VII (April 1931)


A complete investment "picture"
            on your desk each Monday morning
    A Complete                                               Definite
    Survey of                        _                  UNITED
 Stock and BondReomnais
      Market                                           Recommendations
General Business                                         and Forecasts
      Outlook                         =                        = 1l Based
 Sales and Credit                                         the Opinin of
    Conditions          -                                 the Country'Is
Commodity Prices                          .L E AD IN G
        Etc.                                           ECONOMISTS
UNITED Business and Investment Reports
Today, with unsettled business and selective se-  weighing of the opinions
of the country's leading econ-
curity markets, those who look for profits must base  omists gives them a
UNITED opinion far more com-
every move on accurate information. The "guesser"  prehensive and
accurate than that of any single group
soon loses out. Yet today, as in all periods of recovery  of experts could
possibly be.
from depression, outstanding oppor-
tunities await the man w h o is                     They know, too, that
time and
informed,                                         again UNITED Reports have
                             JUDGE      FOR      money for them by "buy",
 That is why more than 5,ooo lead-               or "sell" recommendations.
Often, a
 ing business men and investors rely on  Y O U  R S E L F      single recommendation
has more than
 UNITED Business and Investment                    repaid the moderate subscription
 Reports to furnish them with com-  on a           repait  modre thsfrubscitofe
 plete, unbiased data each week.             ,You can prove this for yourself,
                               One Month's        taking advantage of the
free trial offer
 These men know the unusual accu-                described in the coupon
below. We
 racy and dependability of the United  FREE     TRIAL          will send
you the complete UNITED
 Service. TheyknowthattheUNlTED                    Business and Investment
Service for
 OPINION Method of Forecasting,       Use coupon below         one month
without charge. After
based on careful analysis, checking and- _._. that-it's up to you!
            2 io Newbury Street   ,             Boston, Mass.
                                  g usinesi
2 I o Newbury Street
Boston, Massachusettsn
Yes-I would like to "get acquainted" with the weekly UNITED Forecast
of Business and Invest-
ment Conditions. You may send the Service for a month's free trial. (No salesman
will call.)
Name -City
Street -State

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