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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

Progress of the University,   pp. 374-379

Page 378

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
  English -E. A. Cook, B. L., Uni-
versity of Wisconsin '00.
  Physics- E. R. Wolcott, B. S.,
University of Wisconsin '00.
  Chemistry-H. E. Patten, A. B.,
Northwestern University '94.
  Pharmaceutical chemistry -I. W.
Brandell, B. S., University of Wis-
consin '01.
  Alumni fellowship - L. A. Ander-
son, B. L., University of Wisconsin
  Mathematics -University scholar
- G. E. King, Ph. B., Baker Univer-
  The faculty of the College of En-
gineering voted the following fellow-
ships on May 8th:
  Civil engineering -Arthur Horace
Blanchard, C. E., Brown University
  Honorary fellowship in electrical
engineering -A. C. Scott, B. S.,
Rhode Island State College.
  Prof. A. A. Knowlton of the Eng-
lish department, who has been away
from the University on a leave of
absence, has returned to Madison.
He has been visiting with a brother
in California for the past few months
and has somewhat recovered his
  Instructor Sands of the College of
Engineering has been     called to
Sparta to superintend the laying out
of a new tobacco plant under the con-
trol of the American Tobacco Com-
  Prof. J. F. A. Pyre gave ten or twelve
lectures in the state of Louisiana dur-
ing the past winter, speaking before
the educational institutions and liter-
ary clubs of different parts of the
state. Among other places he lec-
tured at the state normal school at
Natchitoches and Tulane University
at New Orleans. The subject of his
lecture was "Doubt and faith in
nineteenth century poetry."
  Assistant Dean Gregory on May 10th
presided at the Wisconsin-Iowa de-
bate, which took place in Madison at
Music Hall.
  R. W. Hargrave, instructor in the
machine shops, has resigned his po-
sition to accept employment with the
Northern Electric Co., Madison.
  Professor Mack, secretary of the
faculty of the College of Engineering,
will be chairman of the board of in-
structors in the summer school of
artisans and apprentices in    the
absence of Dean Johnson.
  Prof. Julius E. Olson was orator of
the day at the celebration of Norway's
Independence Day, May 17th, at
Soldiers Grove, Wis.
  Prof. R. W. Wood, of the physics
department, delivered his lecture on
the photography of sound waves
May 18th in Science Hall. The lec-
ture was illustrated by finely pre-
pared lantern slides, and the deli-
cately adjusted apparatus gave very
satisfactory results. His lecture was
the same one delivered in London last
winter, when it attracted considerable
notice on the part of European sci-
  Professors Johnson, Bull, Richter
and Mack of the College of Engineer-
ing attended the meeting of the Amer-
ican Society of Mechanical Engineers
held at Milwaukee May 28-31. At
the meeting Professor Bull read a
paper on "The locomotive exhibit
at the Paris Exposition of 1900."
  Prof. and Mrs. Joseph Jastrow will
sail on the Batavia June 22d, and will
spend the summer months in Belgium
and Holland.
  Prof. and Mrs. F. C. Sharp will
spend the summer abroad.
  Mr.   Otto  Patzer, assistant in

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