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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 8 (May 1901)

Progress of the University,   pp. 332-339

On the hill,   pp. 339-346

Page 339

On the Hill.
in Milwaukee. The Madison branch
society has now   assumed   entiire
charge of the state Audubon work,
including the editing of its official
organ, By the Wayside. Among the
other members of the faculty on the
executive board  are Prof. H. W.
Hillyer, Dr. 0. G. Libby,R. tH. Den-
niston and 0. B. Zimmerman.
  Prof. F. J. Turner, his wife and.
daughter, have r(
after an eight mc
time was spent I
though they vii
land, the Rhine
land. Professor
here for the sum
lar work at the b
versitv Summer
turned from Europe
nths' absence. The
argely in Florence,
4ted London, Hol-
ountry and Switzer-
Turner will remain
ner, taking up regu--
,ginning of the Uni-
  The United States Marine Band
gave two excellent concerts at the
University Gymnasium on Thursday
afternoon and evening, April 11th.
This organization, which is known as
the President's band, is composed of
seventy-five men under the direction
of Lieutenant Santelmann.   It has
reached a high degree of musical pro-
ficiency, and the entertainments were
enjoyable to ill. Miss Amy Whaley
accompanied the band as soprano so-
  Representatives of the fifth dis-
trict of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity
met in convention at Madison at the
Wisconsin chapter house on April
10th and 11th.    Business sessions
were held on both days. A dance
was given on the evening of the 10th
at Keeley's hall to the visiting dele-
gates, and the next evening a banquet
was held at the same place.  Dele-
gates were present from Beloit Col_-
lege, Leland Stanford University, and
the universities of Iowa, Kansas, Ne-
braska, Minnesota and California.
  The freshman girls' basketball team
defeated the sophomores in a one-
sided contest by he score of 20 to 4,'
on the afternoon of April 13th. The
'03 team was capt ined by Miss Agnes
Martin, while Miss Streeter Id the
freshmen to victory. W. C. Burdick
officiated as refeIee; Paul Stover and
Claude Beebe acted as umpires. The
W 1111 1%I, Va$1l11
lenged by the jun
  The members
were entertained
and Mrs. Edwar(
Hall, Saturday
The attendance
class was very g,
able number of f
also present.  I
decorated with
flags, tropical plh
Music was furnis
ing by Professor -
  The guests w,
and Mrs.' Birge,
Johnson, Miss
Olson and Profi
introduction coi
including Miss,
Katherine Regar
Foley, Frances
Curtis, and MesE
C. McGowan, F.
iior team.
of the senior class.
by Acting-President,
I A. Birge at Music
Ă½vening, April 13th.
Dn the part of the.
meral. A consider,
xculty members were
'he hall had bMen.
cardinal bunting,
nts and cut flowers.
hed during the even-
qitschke's orchestra.
re received by Dr.
assisted by Dean
Mayhew, Professor
,ssor Daniells. An
amittee of seniors,
,s Clara  Stillman,"
Elsie Sawyer, May
Wilcox, Dorothea
rs. L. H. Tracy, F.
L. Hook, Clarence'
versitv Summer Ă½ession.

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