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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 3 (Jan. 1927)

Schwarz, Marguerite
Ho! for king winter and his sports,   p. 101

Page 101

January, 1927
Ho! for King Winter and His Sports
THE IDEAL location of the Wiscon-
    sin campus among the hills and on
 the very edge of Lake Mendota makes
 possible almost every conceivable winter
 sport. Wisconsin women are not un-
 appreciative of these opportunities for
wholesome recreation for they skate,
ski, hike, ride, toboggan, go ice-boating,
and play ice hockey with all the en-
thusiasm of real interest and enjoyment.
  Last year a new course was intro-
duced for women by the Department of
Physical Education. Under the direc-
tion of Miss Elizabeth Hastie this new
course, called Winter Sports, was or-
ganized and developed. When the ice
and.snow permitted, the classes were
held out-of-doors. Sometimes the mem-
bers went over to the hill near the
Extension Building to ski, other times
they went to the rinks at Camp Randall
to skate, or perhaps they hiked for sev-
eral miles along the lake drive. Part of
the equipment of this course is a tobog-
gan, which, by the way, received, its'
share of use. The class proved so popu-
lar last year that it is again being given
this winter.
  Another sport added last year to the
list of sports open to women, was ice
hockey. It was th' first attempt made
  to interest women students at Wiscon-
  sin ├Żn this sport and it proved reasonably
  successful. Thecall for those interested
  came rather late in the season, still the
  number responding was quite large.
  As the season was late, no actual team
  games were played, but those who did
  knock the puck around enjoyed the
  sport immensely. Ice hockey is to be
  played again this year, and with our
  early winter, all indications are that it
  will get under way with little trouble.
  Aside from the course in Winter
  Sports, riding, and ice hockey, the other
  outdoor sports do not come under the
  direction of the Department of Physical
  Education. Still, the skating rinks at
  Camp Randall and the lower campus
iare each day crowded with women stu-
dents who skate because they enjoy it.
It is not an uncommon sight to see a
woman student go "'tearing" down a hill
on skis, or on a toboggan. Although she
may be holding her breath for fear of
what may happen, she is nevertheless
enjoying herself. ,There are very few
coeds who have gone off the ski jump
on Muir Knoll, but the- number of
coeds who go. down the toboggan slide
is not small. Tobogganing is one of the
chief winter sports for Wisconsin women.
  Riding is also a new winter sport
within the last few years.   Regular
Physical Education credit is given for
winter riding.  In the freezing cold
weather, the classes go out daily for their
ride along the lake drive. This form of
recreation is fast increasing in popular-
ity, and at most any time of the day it is
possible to see a lone rider or perhaps
several riders come down University
Avenue on their way to the stables.
Instructors are provided by the owners
of the stables and not by the Depart-
ment of Physical Education. For the
first time this year, riding was given
points in the Woman's Athletic Associa-
  The   cottage  on  Lake   Mendota,
owned and maintained by the Woman's
Athletic Association, makes an ideal
place to end a hike. It is about two and
one-half miles from Lathrop Hall, and is
situated within a short distance of the
lake front. The cottage is so popular
with the women students that, it is
necessary to sign up several weeks in
advance for the use of it. On one side of
the living room is a large fire place sur-
rounded by many comfortable chairs.
When the girls come in from a hike it is
but a small task to start a. fire in the
fireplace, and soon the atmosphere is one
of warmth and homelikeness. The kitch-
en is equipped with a large oil stove and
many dishes so that it is possible to ac-
commodate lame or small na-rtiw_
The upstairs is well supplied with cots,
so that overnight parties are not un-
common. With the cottage at the end
of a hike where the W. A. A. members
and their guests can cook a meal and
enjoy themselves, the popularity of
hikes has greatly increased.
  Aside from all of the outdoor sports
for the winter season, there are the regu-
lar indoor sports under the direction of
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