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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

[News and comment],   pp. [217]-219

Page 218

him; Edison took umbrage at the reply-too bad Let -us hope that these
two great men can settle this matter between themselves, but whet-her
they do settle it or whether they do.not.settle . it, we predict that the
tude of graduatesis -unmistakably "hands off" as far as the Regents
concerned * For the Regents to censur' Dr. Scott.would be resented by
many even though tthey may not -ow sympathize with undiplomatic ex-
pression of rugged honesty. To approve Scott's letter to Edison gets offi-
cial action tangled up with private correspondence.  If Edison did-
notiwantcScott's opinion, lie could-easily have avoided gettig it. -He
solicited it; he secured it. .Now, that he has it, he does not. like it,
as we see it-, this is-all the private -business of Edison andScott. There-
fore "fight it out," gentlemen. of-Whatever, you, do, be it shake
or fight,-you are both distinguished enough to attract wide-publc notice.
Your private 'controversy hi-esad-vertiig free of chalrge to t ais Univer-
sity, but neither the students, faculty, governing' boaid, nor the Alumni
Associa. ion adre-rerees or umpireo s  po ten tiap sib itideedowe i- ,--.iw
sufspect that most members of the-Geeyl Axpmnri  somiatioaegatly
          .~~~iA~oain reahnr the  eypaig vrie  ....
 surprised that Mr. Edison maade -tub 6trrespondens public.
 -,In the Birge-Almyan argumiaentdsti farerme mbstents tilfnd difficultyo
 in taking M pr.sB l anfo statementsal deiusreo to  adittat there is
 Any basis of aigu1 4 rment. D[e Birge isg a -Chsiingle adas the ea convict
 about-the:PTis~on --halaiu., 'He is- a h'll 6f:a d-odnm7  -That Mr., Bxyan,
    a  ma~ora1 jThader, Should emiploy his uth  rassedt~wr of oratoy
 a  nesing  a sincere fellow Christiby   asp -a o ieutenainfof feelzebubr
 - mysfer~f tf -t' i 'ohumorous to-be serious.             -
   Advertising iszthe education of the public as to who you are, where you
.are, and what you have, to offer of skill', talent, commodity, or service.
             The only man -who should not advertise -is the man. wv
 Avertising  has neothing to offer to his fellow men n  the way of such
 mingeret yuskill, commodity, talent, or service. National advertisers
 ryin reaching leading representative citizens inaeveiy com-
 munity. Such advertisers recognize the potential possibilitiest of colege
 graduates, -but have, in yearsd-gone by, experiec I ned some difficulty
 reaching them by placiiig ad-vertisements in separate 'a 'iumni, publications.
   Most of the Alumni Associations are now members 'of a national Jeor-
 ganization known as The Alumni Magazines Associated. -This organiza
 tion makesmit possible for national idvertisers t reach the entire alumni
 field Of all American colleges by placing a single advertisement with one
 advertising representative, by paying one bill for advertising, and -by
 holding one organization responsible- for service and 'efficiency..
   To Wisconsin men and women interested in placing nation aladver-
 tising we shall be glad to supply detailed information regarding The
 Alumni Magazines Associated. You can depend -thatsuch information
 coming from your own alumni organization will be answered with accu-
 racy and reliability.-
   If you have some od~d jobs of service that you would like the General
 Alumni Headquarters to do, we want to do it for you, of course, but if
          it is all the same to you, and if it can wait until after June
 Odd Jobs "have a heart," for - Coimmencement makes ever growing
           demands upon the small force at the General Alumni Head-
 quarters. We are already too busy for comfort, and the rush will continue
 until after the middle of June. If the particular thing you want us to
 do can wait until after Commencement we- bespeak your co-operation in
 holding such requests for service in abeyance -until after June 14. So
 much for helping- us with acts offnegation.

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