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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 5 (March 1922)

Kies, W. S.
Present day demands for broader college training,   pp. 147-149

Page 148

S    -If then the student drifts through his four
    years in college without a definite goal and
    turns to the world for a job on his gradua-
    tion, he has a practical foundation upon
    which to build. If, on the other hand, he
    plans to enter one of the professions to take
    up technical work, 14e still has that founda-
    tion which- will make him a more useful
    citizen no matter what line he takes up.
       In our primary and elementary schools
     today we are meaguring the mental ca-
     pacity of pupils and in the most advanced
     -schools are grading pupils according to such
     capacity. Work also is being done along
     the line of measuring the achievements of
     pupils with the ultimate idea of develop-
     ing each child's power of achievement in
     proportion to his mental capacity. This is
     one of the great fields of experiment in
     which psychologists and educators are at
     present working. Distinct results have al-
     ready been achieved, but one is prompted
country, and.the same lack of leadership in
the various communities which make. up a.
nation. For this failure to think clearly on
the economic, social, and political questions
of the day the colleges are largely responsi-
ble. Presumptively, the mature college men
of today engaged in business, industry,
commerce, and finance are the men whose
economic thought shouldprevail with suffi-
cient force to form back of them a public
opinion powerful enough to compel intelli-
gent action in Congress.
   Mr. Vanderlip in an address some years
 ago termed the American people a nation
 of economic illiterates. The truth of his
 statement has been proved by the actions of
 commercial, industrial, and financial lead-
 ers during the past three years. When this
 country entered upon a period of inflation
 after the armistice there were very few who
 saw the inevitable ending. But those few
. were not listened to.. Instead, industrial

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