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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 4 (Jan. 1900)

Tenney, D. K.
The University in the early fifties,   pp. 146-148

Page 147

University in the Early Fifti
He says that John H. Lathrop, Jr., son
chancellor of those days, whom every studen
Barber, Jr., had a row at the south dormitor
mer got the worst of it; that Lathrop went
and died a victim of profligate habits, and t
sides in Dakota. These statements are de(
  I was attending the University, I think it
the pugilistic encounter between the two I
was an eye-witness to it. John Lathrop wa
low, honest and of good habits, and always r
had a domineering disposition, was "suc
quarrel," and all the rest of us were afraid
a great wrestler and enjoyed physical cont
good scholar too. By and by Hiram Barn
University. He was a splendid fellow, phys'i
and by nature as kind as a kitten. What
was then a wilderness of burr oak trees. I
that when Barber first hove in sight, his hea
above the tops of the trees and that some f(
was about to attack us.
  Barber spent his boyhood on a Dodge c
strong as an ox and as quick as lightning.
quently irritated by others with the idea th
rival in the physical field. He determined to
at the first opportunity. The only building
was Ndrth College, aswe used to call it, for w]
the corner stone in 185o. There was a well
ner, from which the students procured wat
sary purposes. .Barber had been to the wel
a pitcher of water and was returning with
trance of the building. Just at that time L,
the entrance to go to the well and was to pý
As he did so, he purposely lurched against
pitcher from his hands and broke it. In a
him on the head and laid him low. Arising
throp sought to grapple his antagonist, but
vinced him that he had met his superior.
)f the glorious old
t loved, and Hiram
ý, in which the for-
:o Central America
hat Barber now re-
:idedly misleading.
was in 1851, when
)oys occurred and
a most clever fel-
emained so, but he
den and quick in
Af him, for he was
ention. He was a
er, Jr. entered the
mally and mentally,
is now the campus
t used to be said
d was seen waving
ared Black Hawk
ounty farm,.was as
  Lathrop was fre-
it he had finally a
dispel this illusion
ýrected at the time
rich I helped to lay
m ear the north cor-
er for their neces-
one morning, got
it' toward the en-
tthrop came out of
ss Barber, en route,
him, knocked the
second, Barber hit
immediately, La-
another blow con-
  That ended the
1900. ]

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