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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

News from the alumni,   pp. 127-138 ff.

Page 128

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
          MER SESSION.
  The following names are to be
added to the lists of graduates for
1898 and 1899, respectively. Under
the new arrangement students may
complete courses in three years by
taking work in the summer session
three years in addition to the regu-
lar university work, and a number
of such students are include.d in the
following lists:
  Rolla Ullin Cairas-B. S. (G. S.).
  May Elizabeth Church-B. L. (C.
  Grace Graham-B. L. (M. C.).
  Frederick Arthur Harrison-Ph.
B. in Peod.
  Alvin Henry Iwert-B. L. (M. C.).
  Knudt Knudtson-B. S. (G. S.).
  Dwight Alexander Sanborn-B.L.
(C. H.).
  Alfred Clayton Shepard -Ph. G.
  Ella Knowles Smith-B. L. (M.
  Joseph Frank Wojta-B. S. (G. S.).
  Walter Alexander, B. S. '97, M. E.
  Walter Herman Kratsch, B. S. '97,
M. E.
  Wallace Francis MacGregor, B.
S. '97, M. E.
  Frederick William Axley--B. S.
(G. S.).
  Marion Theresa Connell--B. L.
  Charles Ernst Gabel-B. S. (G. S.).
  Richard Heyward-Ph. B. in Ped.
  Frank William Lyle--B. L. (M.
  Gilbert Random-B. S. (G.S.)
  Louis Reed-B. L. (M. C.).
  Louis Fred Ruschhaupt-B. S. (G.
  William' Christian Sieker-B. S.
(G. S.).
  Delbert Claude Treloar-Ph. G.
  James Upjohn-Ph. G.
  The following is a list of gradu-
ates of the University who are pur-
suing advanced work in the Univer-
sity this year. It does not include
graduates of other colleges and uni-
versities in attendance. The total
number of graduate students shown
by the directory is 87:
  Emma Gattiker.
  Elsbeth Veerhusen.
  George C. H. Mors.
  Rosalia A. Hatherell.
  Sabena M. Herfurth.
  Frederick W. Meisnest.
  Sarah E. Brown.
  Fannie R. Walbridge.
  William J. Hocking.
  Delos 0. Kinsman.
  C. Marquis Smith.
  William D. Tallman.
  Elting H. Comstock.
  Louise P. Kellogg.
  Charlotte E. Pengra.
  Annie M. Pitman.
  Eleanor B. Bliss, '98 m.
  William Darrow.
  William S. Ferris, '98!f.
  Roy E. Fowler.
  Florence M. Gage, '98f!.
  Russell W. Hargrave.
  George D. Luetscher.
  Martin Odland.
  Annie N. Scribner.
  Rebecca Shapiro.
  Lloyd D. Smith.
.[ De~cember

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