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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 17, Number 10 (Aug. 1916)

Sixty-third commencement,   pp. [391]-393

Page 392

140; College of Law, 26; School of Music, 18; Graduate School, 165; honor-
ary, 2.
     The following alumni received degrees:
     Bachelor of Laws: Clarence Erikson, '13, H. L. Merkel, E. J. Morrison,
 Jr., C. J. Otjen, M. N. Quale, L. J. Shanhouse, and R. R. Strehlow, all
of 1914.
     Master of Ar'ts: Alma Louise McMahon, '02, Elise F. Dexter, '06, Geni-
 Vera E. Loft, '07, Elizabeth V. Joslin, '08, J. W. Beath, '08, Elizabeth
 '10, Hannah Morris, '11, H. L. Morris, '11, S. L. Odegard, '11, Rowe Wright,
 '11, A. H. Kazda, '13, Albert Brann, '14, A. P. Haake, '14, B. I. Kinne,
 Gladys Miller, '14, Pearl M. Smith, '14, Helen H. Abrams, '15, H. N. Baum,
 '15, Mabel M. Brown, '15, Riah B. Fagan, '15, Marguerite R. Pohle, '15,
 M. Schwartz, '15, P. B. Shostae, '15, and E. H. Toole, '15.
    Master of Science: A. H. Kuhlman, '10, Edith S. Tomhagen, '12, V. L.
Bohnson, '13, Barenda K. Palit, '13, G. P. Potter, '13, L. M. Schindler,
J. A. Becker, '14, Florence M. Coerper, '14, Edna E. Jolivette, '14, Maldwyn
Lloyd Jones, '14, M; H. Knutsen, '14, L. P. Mehlig, '14, N. R. Mueller, '14,
Olga C. Pressentin, '14, L.J. Schenckenberg, '14, C. K. Textor, '14, W' H.
Bentley, '15, Katherine E. Faville '15, R. S. Goodhue, '15, H. G. Martin,
R. E. Moore, '15, J. B. Youmans, '15, K. P. Young, '15.
    Master of Philosophy: Gustav W. Gehrand, '03.
    Civil Engineer: M. W. Torkelson, '04, H. N. Brue, '11, H. L. Algeo, '13,
J. M. Ray, '13, and C. P. Conrad, '15.
    Mechanical Engineer: A. C. King, '01 and J. D. MacLean, p11.
    Electrical Engineer: B. H. Peck, '06.
    Chemical Engineer: R. C. Downing, '10.
    Doctor of Philosophy: W. M. Persons, '99, W. 0. Hotchkiss, '03, Harry
Steenbock, '08, M. R. Gutsch, '08, H. A. Schuette, '10, T. M. Simpson, '10,
L. D.
Hammond, '10, W. H. Eller, '10, W. N. Steil, '11, P. W. Boutwell, '12, H.
Ibsen, '12, B. A. Arneson, '13, Martha L. Edwards, '13, Frank Gray, '13,
R. A. Muttkowski, '13, E. R. Stoekle, '13, V. H. Young, '13, Sarah M. Beach,
'14, Lucy G. Roberts, '14, W. A. Gruse, '15 and E. J. Pieper, '15.
                      UNIVERSITY HONORS
    The  Albert Markham    Memorial Graduate   Traveling  Fellowships,
awarded for excellence in language and literature, were awarded to Sarah
Beach, M. A. '14, Ph. D. '16 and Lucy G. Roberts, M. A. '14, Ph. D. '16.
    The Charles Kendall Adams Fellowship was given to Shipp G. Sanders
            n - 1  .. . _ L_ -   ar A "    z: z   z- ,  m
U0i riUceLUU an(ac ine Miary Al. Adams Fiellowship to Theodore K.
Hoyer, '12.
    University Fellows: Edgar Allan Baird, '14, botany; Harry
Neal Baum, '15, European history; Augustus Hall Brunelle, '15,
Latin; Ellis Merton Coulter, '15, American history; Florence K.
Crafts (Smith), Greek; Andrew Grover Du Mez, '07, honorary
fellow in pharmacy; Paul Frederick Finner (Chicago), educa-
tion; William Merriott Gibbs, '16, agricultural bacteriology;
Edgar H. Gustafson (North Dakota), political economy; Alfred
Paul Haake, '14, political economy; Aaron Martin Hageman
(Rutgers), chemistry; Clarence Leroy Holmes (Michigan'), ag-
ricultural economics; Olav Andrew   Hougen   (Washington),
chemical engineering; James Francis Jenkins, '15, Romance lan-
          W. .O              y   U11   k ', ei Thurlowstern), geology; Roger
T. R.HOYER Emmett Moore, '15, mathematics; Thurlow Christian Nelson (Rut-

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