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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

Commerce association,   pp. [366]-370

Page 368

pany there.   Friends of Christians
will be interested in- the announce-
ment of his engagement to Miss Alice
Chase, daughter of Captain and Mrs.
Stephen Chase of Cincinnati.
   C. F. Schwenker, '11, is one of the
state bank examiners and a letter
from  him  has come into our hands
that brings encouragement to the As-
sociation. He writes, "Have gotten
to watch for the Commerce section
in TiM ALuMI' MAGAZINE and missed
it this time. Any time . can do any-
thing to help it, do not hesitate
to call on me." Calmay be addressed
care of the State Banking Depart-
ment, Madison, or 222 S. 19th St., La
  L. E. Knorr, '12, formerly with the
State Board of Public Affairs, has
taken up work as assistant comptrol-
ler of the University   of Illinois,
Champaign, Ill. He will be under
Geo. E. Frazer, comptroller for the
  Paul Pike Pullen, '12, is in the
Bank of Evansville, Evansville, Wis.
  F. *H. Elwell, '08, assistant profes-
sor of accounting and business admin-
istration, spent Saturday, March 8, in
Milwaukee, where he delivered an ad-
dress before the Ben Franklin Club,
an association of master printers, and
where he also gave an address at a
banquet of the State Society of Pub-
lic Accountants.
  John R. Hayes, '10, has been ap-
pointed state bank examiner and has
been engaged in his new duties since
the first of March. Congratulations
are due "Mike" and best wishes for
his success. He is unusually well
qualified for this work, having had
considerable banking experience in
past years and having devoted the
past two years to the study and teach-
ing of accounting. His work at the
university has been taken over by F.
H1. Elwell.
   The appeal published in the last is-
sue of this magazine for real live
human letters from our alumni in the
field did  not result in our being
swamped with, such correspondence.
One man, however, in far-off South
America did write of his own free
will without knowing the appeal had
even been made. Facts concerning
him and a large part of his letter fol-
  R. L. Hatch, '11, as was previously
announced, is in    South  America.
More detailed particulars of his loca-
tion  and  work  has recently  been
brought to our attention through a
letter written by Bob to some friends
in Madison. We take the liberty of
presenting a large portion of that let-
ter verbatim, believing it will be of
interest to all our alumni.
  "I stayed in Punta Rieles for three
weeks and then moved my camp west
one hundred twenty-five miles to
Huan Luan near an English estancia,
where I stayed several weeks and then
moved again west for another hun-
dred miles to Bariloche, where I have
been for the past two months (the
letter is dated from Bariloche, Jan.
15, 1913), and expect to stay till the
end of April, when we move back to
Punta Rieles and San Antonia to fin-
ish our work and get ready to go
back to the States. I made the whole
trip out here on horseback and en-
joyed it very much. The horseback
riding is one of the great attractions
for me. I ride every opportunity I
get and I get a chance once or twice a
week at least. I was not very favor-
ably impressed with the country to
the east of here, from the foot of the
Cordilleras to the Atlantic Ocean, it
being a great semi-arid plateau re-

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