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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

Alumni clubs,   pp. [360]-365

Page 365

     AMELIA F. PYRE. '03
T   HE class of 1903 will hold a re-
     union after a ten years' inter-
 regnum in Madison on the 15th, 16th,
17-th and1tfo f next June-.----
  In pursuance of general arrange-
ments made last June, a number of
meetings have been held by the Chi-
cago alumni to discuss and to develop
plans of entertainment. Tremendous
enthusiasm was aroused at a dinner
given at the City Club in Chicago on
the evening of March 11th. In view
of the general interest taken by the
graduates of that class in all parts of
the country, and in view of the elab-
orate program which is to mark the
"homecomin g"' of the "greybeards,"
Mr. Harry C. :Johnson, the general
chairman, found it necessary to ap-
point sub-committees to take care of
details. To facilitate arrangements
and to obtain concentration of inter-
est, there will be a local committee in
every large city of the country. A
general office, in charge of a' clerk,
   From what can be learned at the
 present time it is understood that the
 celebration planned for the reunion
ofAhe-class -of19-i3      -nLbeo ne-othe
most unique ever recorded in college
annals and certainly one of the most
enthusiastic,. judging from the num-
ber of those who have announced
their intentions to be present.
   'On the 'evening of March 11, the
 Madison alumni of the class of 1903
 met to offer suggestions, for its
 reunion in June, and, to plan the best
 ways by which to reach all the alumni
 and persuade them that this is to be
 a reunion well worth while.
   No definite arrangements could be
 made, but with the aid of the Chi-
 cago and Milwaukee alumni we hope
 to arouse a spirit which will bring
 back a crowd of graduates at a gath-
 ering surpassing any other at a ten-
 year reunion.
   Each member of the class should be
 making plans now for his, return in
11atsLml UzUU UI t N11VCUlll~ Ub JUOI.Y Inztulunlli
Life Building, Chicago, Illinois.
  A Chicago. committee will take in
charge all graduates coming in from
the East, South and West, and a spe-
cial car will leave Chicago on Sunday,
June -15th, by way of Milwaukee,
where the Chicago cohorts will be
joined by. the Milwaukee delegates.
VL. 1V O.VI  W-at II~ ~  UL L gIL. J[J. MUL U IJ[.[lutb
the class of '03 was lacking in num-
  We, the Madison alumni, will be
looking for many familiar faces on
June fourteenth and thereafter.
  Watch for further news of this re-
union in every issue of THE ALUMNI

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