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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Alumni news,   pp. [138]-146

Page 141

of that city to Alexander Metz of Min-:
eral Point, Wis., the Rev. Thomas Demp-
sey, the resident priest, officiating. Mr.
Metz is a druggist at Mineral Point.: At
home in the latter city.
         GRANT, '03-HENI-  A.
  Goldie Grant was married July 13 at
Delafield, Wis., to Ray E. Henika. At
home at 724 2-9street, Milwaukee.
         SMITH--HAIGHT, '03.
  Charlotte Augusta Smith, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel faines Smith of
Chicago, and William Harrison Haight,
'03, were married at the Church of the
Epiphany on October 18. A reception
at the West End Women's club followed
the church service. Mr. Haight is attor-
ney for the South Side Elevated Railway
Company, Chicago. After December 1
Mr. and Mrs. Haight will be at home at
1219 Farwell Avenue.
       ADA-CHAMBERLAIN, '04.
  Carolyn, youngest daughter of the late
Congressman H. C. Adams, and Freder-
erick A. Chamberlain: were united  in
marriage at the home of the hride'.Q
mother in Madison on October 18. At
home in Wheeling, W. Va., where the
groom is employed as an electrical engi-
  WILMANNS, ex-'11-SCHr-ETZKY, '06.
  Belle Wilmanns, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. H. Wilmanns, Milwaukee, and Hugo
W. Schnetzky, also of Milwaukee, were
married at the home of the bride's par-
ents on November 9. After a wedding
trip Mr. and Mrs. Schnetzky will be at
home after January 1 at 3422 Cedar
St., Milwaukee.
         MAIN-RHODES, '06.
  The marriage of Helen Celia Main
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Main,
Oregon, Wis., to William Thomas Rhodes,
Seattle, Wash., occurred at Rockford, Ill.,
on October 26.   At home at Seattle,
where the groom is employed in the serv-
ice of the city.
   SHERMAN-BLANCHARD, '06, L. '10.
   Helen Sherman, Steven sPoint, Wis.,
and George W. Blanchard, former adver-
tising  manager  of  THE   WISCONSIN
ALUMNI MAGAZINE, of. Colby,: Wis., were
married at Stevens Point on November.5.
At home at Edgerton, Wis., where ]Mr.
Blanchard is practicing, law.
        ALLEN, '06-WEEK, '07.
  Josephine Allen, Stevens Point, Wis.,
and Harold J. Week of the same city
were married at Wilmette, Ill., on Octo-
ber 28. At home at Stevens Point, where
the groom is junior member of the John
Week Lumber Co.
      PARSONS, '07-BmKETT, '08.
  Caryl Parsons, daughter of Mrs. Mar-
garet Parsons, Madison, Wis., and Miles
Wren   Birkett, Spokane, Wash., were
united in holy wedlock in Madison on
  fl'''1  "R  f 1h PR   n' V P  TT-.A1.I,  _.4
ciating. After a wedding trip-to Minne-
apolis, the couple is at home at Spokane,
where the groom is assistant superintend-
ent of the Washington Light and Power
         GRoss, '10-PULLER.
  Lydia L. Gross and C. C. Fuller were
married on lNohvember 16 by Judge John
C. Karel at Milwaukee. At home at Ne-
cedah, Wis., where the groom is in the
banking business.
        JAMES MORONEY, '73.
  James Moroney died at Dallas, Tex.,
September 21, 1910.

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