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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

The Wisconsin alumni clubs,   pp. [129]-[134]

Page [129]

HISE, '79, of the uni-
versity and President
Pease, '86, of the Al-
amni Association   ap-
peal for alunMni aid in
          their  contributions to
the present issue of THE WISCON-
fellow graduate, heed the appeals
and aid in inducing the legislature
to make the necessary appropria-
tion for the maintenance of the
university? An institution which
is doing as much for the state that
supports it as is the University of
Wisconsin ought not *to have to
go begging for funds. There ought
to be throughout the state so thor-
   I   I I  ' '1 0_ _ l ±1 I P  I
  But it is exactly this understand-
ing of the services of -the univer-
sity that, we fear, is lacking in
many parts of the state. It 'is here
that we alumni have a wonderful
opportunity to do our duty by
Alma Mater as she has so often
done by us. Let us familiarize
ourselves with the needs of the uni-
versity as outlined by President
Van Hise. Let us read with care
the articles that are to appear in
succeeding issues, enlarging upon
these needs, and showing what the
university has done for the money
invested in it. Let us lose no op-
portunity to impress upon the leg-
islators in our various districts the
   __ - - - - - . - _ . ] - - -I _ __ , _ *- -  a
UUgHLIJ U mJN.UW1.Ug U.L Ul-u- WMumV',-,LulJt
achievements of the state univer-
sity that money ought to flow with
the greatest liberality.
a liberal appropriation for the uni-
,versity. Let us boost for Wiscon-
sin, first, foremost and always.
  That the University of Wiscon-
sin has made the greatest gains in
the strength of its faculty in the
science departments of any Ameri-
can university during the last
four years, is shown by statistics
compiled from the new "Biograph-
ical Directory of Men of Science,"
by Prof. J. WcK. Cattell of Cor-
nell. Wisconsin has gained 22 per
cent, while Chicago has gained 18
and Harvard and Illinois 16.
  The University of Wisconsin has
had twelve of its teachers of science
added to the names in the new
scientific directory and has had
none of its professors taken out of
the directory.- It thus makes the
best showing of any Amierican uni-

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