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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Progress of the University,   pp. [82]-88

Page 85

of Watertown, chairman of resolutions
committee.    The   steering committee,
partly elected, consists of Michael Ut-
gard, agric. '12; Cady, law '12; William
Spohn, hill '11; John Childs, hill '11.
The purpose of the club is to advance
the interests of the Republican party in
the university, the club standing on the
party platform, especially that part of it
which has to do with the university.
   The International club, made up of
students from   twenty nationalities, on
October 15 held a house-warming of its
new club house at 617 State street. In
the club house some thirty men from dif-
ferent nations are housed, while one wing
of the first floor is devoted to general
club purposes. A home is thus provided
to the foreigners to whom other social
advantages are often closed.
  On October 23 the club listened to a
lecture on  "The United States as a
World Power," by Dr. Charles .F Dole
of Jamaica Plains, Mass., the noted
writer and publicist.
between the students and faculty in de-
veloping   the  self-government system,
President Charles R. Van Hise has ap-
pointed the new committee on student in-
terests. it consists of Prof. A. L. P.
Dennis, chairman; and     Profs. Eliot
Blackwelder, J. L. Kind, J. G. D. Mack,
W. L. Westerman, together with the fol-
lowing ex-officio members: Mrs. C. S.
Woodward, Profs. R. L. Lyman, L. A.
Coerne, W. G. Bleyer, Physical Director
George Ehler, Captain Ralph McCoy and
Dr. Joseph Evans. The new committee
takes the place of the three faculty comr-
mittees that had charge of social, dra-
matic, and musical affairs.
  The men's dramatic society, the Edwin
Booth club, and the women's dramatic
organization, the Red Domino club, will
cooperate this year in the production of
a  play. Saturday, December 10, has
been set for the date of performance but
the play to be given has not been decided
  The Dixie club, composed of students
   11le students at the university thus far
 this year number 3,869, an increase of
 416 over the same time last year. This
 is a gain of 12 per cent. If this increase
 continues, the attendance of the univer-
 sity will be doubled every eight years in-
 stead of in a period of ten years as here-
 As the total enrollment at the end of
 last year xeached 4,947, a continuation
 of this increase in other courses begin-
 ning later in the year may result in a
 total attendance for this year approxi-
mating 5,500.
  In accordance with the plan adopted
by the faculty for a closer co-operation
cu t'"U UUult7Iby v1 vviscon8Oin wno live
below the Mason and Dixon line, has
elQcted officers for the year. The fol-
lowing were elected: S. H. Ankeney, '11,
Florida, president; W. P. Gee, South
Carolina, vice president; L. Anton, '11,
Louisiana, secretary; J. I. Littleton,
Alabama, treasurer; and W. C. Farnum,
'12, Missouri, sergeant-at-arms.
   The honorary medical fraternity of
Nu Alpha will have as its officers for the.
coming year the following: President, R.
C. Hartman, Davis, Ill.; vice-president,
Otto L. Hanson, Chippewa Falls; secre-
tary and treasurer, F. R. Nuzum, Janes-

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