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Smith, Robert (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 70, No. 6 (March 1966)

For your personal library. . .,   pp. 40-41

Page 41

Your home furnace would
be this small
...if it had
an Allison combustor.
Or... in aircraft terminology: the new Allison Combustor
turns out four times the heat release of combustors in
production engines. Yet a combustor for a 10,000 lb. thrust
engine can be held in one hand.
  It's an Allison breakthrough in lightweight engine tech-
nology. Immediate application: Allison Lift engines. De-
signed to propel tomorrow's jet aircraft straight up.
  So far, Allison Lift engines have attained thrust/weight
ratins over fourr times those of nrniijrtinn engines
  Other factors hz
pressor blades tha
  Advanced turbi
higher inlet tempe
blade temperature
  Even greater advances are on the way-for turbojet and
turbofan engines. With 30:1 thrust/weight ratios forecast.
Shorter compressors. More efficient combustors. For lift or
cruise engines.
  Advanced lightweight technology is another demonstra-
tion of Allison's broad capabilities in research, engineer-
ing, and production. Capabilities that help keep defense,
aerospace and nuclear projects on target.*
          _. 1.                                     0  Zero defects... a
way of life at
ive contributed: Like new com                           Z   e     a w o l
it raise pressure 50%.
ne cooling techniques allow                                             
atures. Greater power. Lower
r   s                               The Energy Conversion Division of General
Motors, Indianapolis, Indiana.
*Want to know about opportunities here in the creative climate at Allison
for the young,
graduate engineer? Talkto our representative when he visits yourcampus. Or,
send for
our brochure describing the opportunities: Mr. R. C. Martz, Personnel Director,
Division, General Motors, Indianapolis, Indiana. An equal opportunity employer.
MARCH, 1966

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