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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

The engineer in athletics,   pp. 208-209

The young engineer,   pp. 209-212

Page 209

The Engineer id Athletics.
and the different laboratories. -Notwithstanding this discourag-
ing fact, there have been engineers who have done most creditable
work in this department of athletics, notably Peele, who has been
on the 'Varsitv eleven for several years.
   In base ball the engineers have always been prominent. This
 does not require the hard, steady training necessitated by foot
 ball, and consequently the engineers have more of an opportunity.
   This year especially the engineers are making a good showing.
 Pierce, the captain of the team, is an engineer.
   There are not manv engineers engaged in track athletics, but
the few who are engaged are doing good work. IHahn and
Keachie in the distance runs, and Hughles, who has done credit-
able work in the high jump, are perhaps the most prominent.
   More engineers are engaged in crew work than in any other
branch of athletics. The regularity of the hours of training per-
mit them to enter into crew work as they can enter no other
branch of athletics. Engineers have always been the back bone
of our crews. The crews of '99 and 'oo, which rowed such won-
derful races in the East, each contained three. The crack '03 class
crew had four and the prospects are that fully as many will be
on this year's 'Varsity. It may be noted that Armstrong, cap-
tain of the '03 crew, and Gibson, captain of this year's 'Varsity
are both engineers.
  Engineering students are thus taking an active part in athletics
and their work in this line compares well with that of the other
departments of the University. Considering the hard work and
the few spare hours that the engineers have, it may be stated that
their showing in athletics is most creditable.
                THE YOUNG ENGINEER.
  "What have I accomplished and what position am I capable
of filling?" are perhaps two of the most common questions a grad-
uate in engineering is apt to ask himself at the end of his college
  't he first question can best be answered by the questioner him-

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