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Matthias, F. T. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 33, Number VI (March 1929)

Plotz, R. S.
Alumni notes,   pp. 206-207

Page 206

Volume 33, No. 6
Alumni Not e $j
                                  -  Hi~~(
  February 21 and 22 were happy days for many of the
alumni of the Engineering college of the University of
Wisconsin, for aside from being Washington's birthday
and a holiday for many of them, the Engineering society
of Wisconsin held its twenty-first annual convention in the
auuioriaun o0 tne Engi-
neering building. Thurs-
day evening the student
branch of the A. S. C. E.
entertained the members
at the Rathskeller of the
Memorial Union building,
and incidentally the fifty
members who attended
                      - Alp    consumed 383 glasses of
near beer. On Friday evening the session closed with a
banquet at the Congregational church on the square.
  The following addresses and discussions by engineering
alumni were included in the general program of the con-
  The President's Address by J. P. Schwada, c'11; C. E.'26.
  "Research in the Water Department of the City of Mil-
waukee," given by C. S. Gruetzmacher, c'14.
  "Recent Developments in Steam Engineering", delivered
by G. L. Larson, M. E.'15.
  General Discussion led by John White, Hon'28.
  Discussion of Power Plant Metering Equipment and
Automatic Combustion Control by E. P. Gleason, m'10.
  Address on "Long Distance Distribution of Gas", by
Fred Hainer, ch'20.
  "Steel Joists in Building Construction", by W. C. Muehl-
stein, c'09.
  "A Survey by George Washington", given by Gerald C.
Ward, c'29.
  "The Application of Least Squares in a Resurvey in a
Nonmonuniented Plat", by Ray S. Owen, c'04.
  "Financing Highway Construction in Wisconsin,", by
Walter Buetow, c'08.
  Discussion on Reforestration by L. J .Markwardt, c'12,
C. E.'22.
  Discussion on City Planning by H. F. Janda, C. E.'16.
  Tiedemann, Dimitry P., e'28, is at present occupied in
the research department of the Physics department of
                     TP-i- A-s - TT_--_-T-i+_  ;T- W- ~  AA_
u      ,1  - I1V ' Ll Uy. -lIs wura  conl-
sists in the verification of the Ramon
effect which is one of the latest dis-
coveries substantiating the quantum
theory of light. This experiment has
                     no0L, up to tne present time, been
substantiated by any American scientist. Mr. Tiedemann
was married on June 25 last, to Rosamond L. Whitson,
(laughter of Professor and Mrs. A. R. Whitson.
  Carlson, McKinley S., e'25, has recently been transferred
from the Switchgear sales department of the Philadelphia
works of the General Electric Company to the Central
  Bagnall, Vernon, e'27, has recently been transferred to
the Long Lines Engineering Department of the American
Telephone and Telegraph Company of New York. He had
been working with the Long Lines Plant Department in
Chicago. His work now consists of working out trans-
mission problems.  Mr. Bagnall lives at 15 Dry Street,
New York, New York.
Station department at Schenectady. His present address
is 706 South Avenue, Schenectady, New York.
  Falge, Robert N., e'16, is head of the lighting division of
the General Motors Research Department in Birmingham,
  Henry, George B., e'23, who was formerly sales engineer
for the General Electric Company at Terre Haute, Indiana,
has been tansferred in the same capacity to 230 South
Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois.
  Highleyman, Charles D., e'27, is an engineer for the
Indiana and Michigan Electric Company at 415 S Street,
South Bend, Indiana. His residence address is 1326 Mar-
quette Boulevard, South Bend, Indiana.
  Kitzman, Walter L., e'17, is now working for the Bell
Telephone Company at San Francisco, California.    His
home address is 1752 Solana Avenue, Berkeley, California.
  Lucas, Thomas J., e'07, formerly chief engineer for the
Illinois Power and Light Company is now in the capacity
of Consulting Engineer for Lucas and Luick at 231 South
La Salle Street, Chicago, Illinois. His residence address
is 1300 Greenwood Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois.
  Rabbe, John S., e'26, is at present in the South for the
Buckeye Cotton Oil Company. Mail addressed to 118 East
McMillan Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, will be forwarded to
Mr. Rabbe.
  Rothermel, Ulla A., e'27, is assistant Meter and Relay
Engineer for the Indiana Service Corporation. His residence
address is 807 Berry Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  Thomas, C. W., e'25, is assistant system operator with
the Public Service Company of northern Illinois.     His
address is Lock Box 313 Niles Center, Illinois.
  Wolfe, Harry C., e'26, has recently left the Chromium
Plating Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, to establish a
business of his own. While enrolled in the University Mr.
Wlolfe was editor of the Wisconsin Engineer and was also
interested in other student activities. His present address
is 17317 Madison Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
  Erickson, Robert, min'22, is an assistant in the mathe-
matics department of the University of Wisconsin. His
address is 609 Sheldon Street, Madison, Wisconsin.
  Gotham, David E., min'25, is assistant State Highway
Commissioner of Missouri and lives in Jefferson, Missouri.
  Bauss, Richard E., m'00, has changed his address from
17435 Pontchartrain Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan, to 1120
Jefferson Avenue, South Bend, Indiana.
  Bemis, Walter S., m"15, is now in residence at 3756 Bay-
side Mission Beach, San Diego, California.
Carter, Byron B., m'83, has moved from Hinsdale, Ill.,
to 1937 North Locust Street, Denton, Texas.

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