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Furniss, Jon; Marwil, Jeremy (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 100, Number 2 (February, 1996)

Just a couple more,   pp. 23-24 ff.

Page 24

Con. from p.2
effort to recall the bad. Weall know
that there is danger in this. After all, if
'the good old days' were so good, we
wouldn't worry much about history
repeating itself.
It seems our way of viewing our
world around us through time needs
to undergo an inversion. We can't
trust our memories to accurately paint
a picture of the past. Because we're
forced to focus on solving daily
problems, it's hard to really appreciate
our current experiences.
My message to you who have moved
on to the "real world" is to climb up in
that memory attic and raise a little
dust. There is nothing imaginary
about the challenges of academic
Like it or not, you people in the 'real
world' have already taught me
something. As my time at UW-
Madison draws to a close, I need to
think less about dodging the pendu-
lum and appreciate more the fact that
I haven't fallen into the pit.
-_ -
Our Professional/Technical
Reference Department
is ready to help.
*Over'1500engineeringtiles instock.
-Special Ordersystem second to none.
the univeRsIty Book stone
711 State Street
Madison, WI 53703
1-800-993-BOOK (2665)
_ . ;m  _ S
Author Bio:
Jeremy Craven wrote this for a
class in 1995. He has since gradu-
ated and is now part of the "real
world." Scary.
Join the
Have a good time meeting important people in the field of engineering. Make
great contacts. Write
about it. Layout others' exciting articles.
Do it all as a part of the Wisconsin Engineer staff.
We're always interested in enthused individuals. Call Jon Furniss at 238-6847
or Kurt Baumgartner
at 231-9783.
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     S C  N S I N

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