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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 86, Number 4 (May 1985)

Murphy, Tom
The greening of "art on the farm",   pp. 7-9

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_______________wm wi Art on the Farm
                        The Artists In Residence
                        Curry and Bohrod brought the Rural Arts Program
                                              to vibrant life.
John Steuart Curry
in residence 1936-1946
With its premier issue in November
of 1936, Life magazine paid tribute
to"Curryof Kansas." Inafour-
page feature showing a mural he
was completing for the U.S. Su-
preme Court and individual paint-
ings owned by the Metropolitan
and Whitney museums, it an-
nounced that he was "about to
accept one of the strangest jobs
ever offered a U.S. artist," the post
here at the University. At age
thirty-nine, he was considered one
of the top three Regionalist painters
in the nation, his peers being
Thomas Hart Benton and Grant
Wood. Curry was hired by the
College of Agriculture at a guaran-
teed salary of $4000 (the national
average for college faculty that year
sure was attached to the canvas  AARON BOHROD'S
rather than painted on. It would  trompe-l'oeil The Seventh Day
probably take anup with the name of  Adventists was one of his 1950s
another painter of Bohrod's stature  series for Look magazine's study of
in this century to have changed  world religions. Day- Summer,
directions so drastically. He has  (c. 1946), in his Naturalist style,
told interviewers it happened by  is owned by the Elvehjem
accident. While sketching on the  Museum of Art.
shores of Lake Michigan he picked
Comnpea hangs in the orrce or me
dean of the College of Agriculture
and Life Sciences.

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