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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 7 (May 1969)

Alumni news,   pp. 24-29

Page 25

Kodak offers another kind of professionalism
We have the highest respect for the
engineer who sets himself up like a
physician or a lawyer. He is scarce
and probably represents a special
   The old tried-and-true brand of
engineering is probably needed more
today than ever, even if you don't see
many ads for it these days. Let us dis-
play our courage, then, by admitting
right on this page that we do-in
power-handling, for example-wel-
come into our ranks* engineers who
can be relied upon to pick the right
equipment from the right vendor and
give direction on how to put it to-
gether in the right way, then keep it
running right.
  Some engineers will find that ex-
citing enough. Those so constituted
*If you seek supervisory status right from the
start, turn your thoughts elsewhere. It is not our
way. Promotion, however, can be rapid.
may well prosper with us, particu-
larly if their idea of professionalism
does not bar a deepening involvement
in the business thinking that supports
all the technical thinking. A succes-
sion of clients attracted by a shingle
on the lawn wouldn't be offering busi-
ness problems of our scale.
   Nor 'such technical problems ei-
ther, together with resources for solv-
ing them. This would be important to
the engineer whose idea of profes-
sionalism runs more to keeping cur-
rent with the technology as. it devel-
ops after he leaves the campus. When
we set about designing systems of
digital solid-state logic for on-line
process control, when we work out
ultrasonics for sealing plastics or
splicing aerial film, when we adapt
lasers to routine inspection of photo-
graphic materials and the control of
dirt contamination-that kind of work
isn't done by flipping through hand-
books and vendors' catalogs. It calls
for going into things a little more
deeply than most vendors.
   Electrical engineers in search of a
realistic professionalism--no more or
less than mechanical, chemical, or in-
dustrial engineers-are cordially in-
vited to drop a note about themselves
Business and Technical Personnel
Department, Rochester, N.Y. 14650.
An equal-opportunity employer. In
Rochester N YV wi mnkp nhntn-  I
graphic an(
products. Ii
Tenn., our
Eastman C
makes fiber
tics, and in(
May, 1969

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