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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 7 (May 1969)

Founders Days,   pp. [16]-[23]

Page 22

the land made for vacations!
Rediscover the excitement of Wiscon-
sin. Laze in delightful sunshine. Swim
in refreshing lakes. Camp in verdant
forests. Picnic in shady parks and way-
sides. Hook onto fighting fish. Visit
quaint villages. Enjoy gourmet eating.
Play golf. Ride horseback. Do your
thing-on your-size budget. Wisconsin
fun-spots are easy to reach on well-
marked, toll-free roads.
Write for free, colorful brochure.
Dept. AA, Box 450, Madison, Wisconsin 53701
Offer Program For
Core School Administrators
  A half million dollar program for
training inner city school adminis-
trators is now under way at the
  Prof. Russell T. Gregg, chairman
of the School of Education's depart-
ment of educational administration,
is the director of the program. He
said that of 67 proposals for such
programs submitted to the Office of
Education, U. S. Department of
Health, Education and Welfare,
only three were funded by the gov-
ernment. Gregg added that the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin's proposal was
ranked number one by the Office of
  The major purpose of the pro-
gram is to provide special profes-
sional education for prospective ed-
ucational leaders in inner city
school systems, especially in ele-
mentary schools. The program    is
for mature graduate students who
have earned B.A. degrees and have
held teaching or beginning adminis-
trative positions in inner core
schools in Milwaukee, Minneapolis,
St. Louis, or Denver.
  These four cities were selected to
participate in the program, which
calls for teams of candidates to
come as a unit to Wisconsin to
study and then return as a team to
their respective cities. Each candi-
date has demonstrated an interest
in administrative responsibility as
well as for developing learning ex-
periences for disadvantaged chil-
dren and youth.
  The school system from which
each candidate is chosen is ex-
pected to assign him to an adminis-
trative position upon completion of
the two-year program or as soon as
a vacancy makes such an assign-
ment possible.
   The two years of preparation call
for special courses taught by pro-
fessors in several departments be-
sides the department of educational
administration. The participating
departments are sociology, eco-
nomics, social work, regional plan-
ning, and political science.
   The program draws upon depart-
ments outside the School of Edu-
cation because of the complex and
wide-ranging problems associated
with inner city education, Dr. Gregg
   "The program is a learning ex-
perience for us on the staff as well
as the students," he added, explain-
ing that each staff member will
spend about three months next year
at an inner core school in Chicago.
"When it's all over, we hope to
know as much as anyone about the
problems of inner core education."
  "We have quite a mixed group of
students in the program at present,"
Gregg said. Of the 25 students,
11 are Negroes, two are Spanish-
Americans, and one is an American
Karl Rudat Awarded
Wisconsin's Big Ten Medal
   The University's Big Ten Confer-
ence Medal of Honor has been
awarded to Karl Rudat, the school's
starting center on the 1968 football
team. Athletic Director Elroy Hirsch
made the presentation at the Madi-
son alumni club's Founders Day
dinner, April 30.
   The Big Ten medal is awarded
each year to the student-athlete who
demonstrates the greatest profi-
ciency in scholarship and athletics
during his varsity career.
   Karl is a native of Racine, Wis-
consin where he was graduated from
Horlick High school. As a prep
athlete he played on the school's
championship football team and he
was a state swimming champion in
the 50 and 100 yard freestyle events
his senior year in 1965.
   He won two major "W" awards
in football and one in swimming
during his varsity career at Wiscon-
   Karl maintained a 3.46 grade
point average over the first seven
semesters of his college career and
he plans to enter medical school
next September.
   He and his wife Marilyn live on
Madison's west side. *
Wisconsin Alumnus

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