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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 7 (May 1969)

The University,   p. 12

Page 12

The University
   The regents have appealed to
state citizens and their representa-
tives in the Legislature "to seek full
restoration of the Governor's rec-
ommended budget levels for the
   The "urgent appeal" was con-
tained in a regent resolution which
pointed out that the 1969-71 bien-
nial budget level recommended by
the Joint Committee on Finance is
$100 million below the level pro-
posed by the regents.
   Important University needs are
left unmet by the Joint Finance
Committee recommendation, the re-
gents said. They listed lack of funds
for additional students, utilities or
custodial-maintenance for new build-
ings, summer sessions, research and
public service activities, teaching
improvements, farm operation, li-
brary staffing, Medical School im-
provements, and student scholar-
   "The last minute decision to
freeze for two years the positions
open as of May 1, 1969 (by virtue
of the University's full cooperation
with the Governor's austerity pro-
gram covering special 1968-69
needs) accentuates the budget crisis
and punishes those already operat-
ing under hardships," the regents
   The regents listed 31 budget items
totaling $35.9 million which cannot
be funded under the Joint Finance
Committee budget and which they
seek to have restored for the 1969-
71 biennium.
  The items included:
  (A) Restoration of cuts in cur-
rent budget base, including supplies
and expenses and capital items, $1,-
   (B) Basic operational necessities
for new facilities, including funds to
match the county share of two-year
campus costs, $4,363,720;
   (C) Operational necessities for
additional students, $15,176,399;
   (D) Critical development needs,
including research and public serv-
ice programs, Medical School im-
provements, and    UW-Milwaukee
and Center System projects, $3,-
468,144; and
   (E) Essential workload and im-
provement items, including general
institutional expense increases, $7,-
  An added special category asked
restoration of one per cent faculty
merit increases, one-half per cent
increases for two faculty ranks, plus
classified civil service increases in-
volved in the other 31 items, these
salary items totaling $3,242,922.
  The regents explained that about
two-thirds of the $20.6 million in-
crease in state tax support provided
in the Joint Finance Committee bud-
get will be needed to sustain present
service levels with no increases.
"The remaining $6.8 million repre-
sents the total state tax contribution
toward all the increased costs over
the next two years," the regents
  Important needs unmet in the
Joint Finance Committee budget
were detailed, as follows:
   1. No funds are provided for
utilities or custodial-maintenance in
new buildings or for State match of
increased county contributions for
additional 2-year campus facilities
   2. No funds are provided to sup-
port 2,642 additional students in
Madison or just under 2,000 addi-
tional students in Milwaukee, and
library and student service support
for additional students is denied all
   3. Summer session enrollment in-
creases are not fully funded and
public school teachers and others
who can only attend in the summer
months will be penalized.
   4. Only half of the Governor's
recommended start-up funds for
Green Bay and Parkside new cam-
puses are provided in contrast to a
minimum level four-times that
amount approved by the regents.
   5. No funds are provided for
additional students enrolling in off-
campus degree credit and continuing
education programs.
   6. Critical development needs
left unfunded include medical re-
search, urban studies, lake studies,
new Medical School curriculum, un-
dergraduate and professional teach-
ing improvements, Centers' teacher
improvement, library improvement
and computer utility support.
   7. Also unfunded are new library
facilities' staffing requirements; Hy-
giene Laboratory workload and im-
provement; water resource, recrea-
tion, economic development, area
agent and communications support;
leadership, and need scholarships
for Wisconsin students; costs of
farm operation, methods improve-
ment and space rental; and general
institutional expense increases asso-
ciated with direct cost increases.
Pelisek, Milwaukee Lawyer
Is New Regent;
Succeeds Friedrick
  Frank J. Pelisek, '58, a 38-year-
old lawyer from Milwaukee has
been appointed to the University
board of regents by Governor
   Mr. Pelisek succeeds Regent Ja-
cob F. Friedrick of Milwaukee, who
has completed his nine-year term.
   The new regent is a consultant
to the governor's council on eco-
nomic development and is chair-
man of the secretary of revenue's
advisory committee. He is also
chairman of the Milwaukee county
special committee on vocational,
technical education and the state's
new joint survey committee on tax
exemptions.    (Continued on p. 14)
               Wisconsin Alumnus

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