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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 3 (Dec. 1968)

Badger sports,   pp. 21-22

Badger bookshelf,   pp. 22-26

Page 22

cember 17, after which its chairman,
Speech Prof. Frederick Haberman,
expressed the board's "faith"V in
Coatta, (he has a final year of his
three-year contract,) and gave him
permission to hire two aides to re-
place Felker and Deral Teteak, who
resigned following the 1967 season.
  Haberman noted that discussions
have been going on with coaches
and Athletic Director Ivan William-
son concerning all problems of the
past football season and especially
concerning the black athletes.
  "We have taken steps to remedy
their grievances," Haberman said.
"We are striving to invent proce-
dures to prevent a recurrence of
these grievances. We believe the
coaches have honestly looked into
  "The blacks say some of the
coaches lack rapport with them,"
the board chairman said, "We find
nothing deliberate in this. We be-
lieve these are men who are well
  He suggested the possibility of a
coach-player committee meeting
regularly to iron out any difficulties
which might arise, and commented
that some of the problems stemmed
from lack of communication on
racial matters.
Other Sports
F football ended on a sour note,
   most other Wisconsin teams were
happily winning.
   In the week before Christmas
   Coach John Powless' basketball
team headed for a match against
Florida university with a 3-2 record.
   The hockey team had stunned
the collegiate world with a pair of
decisions over top-rated North Da-
kota in a 7-3-1 season to date and
skated off to a berth in the Great
Lakes invitational in Detroit.
   Gymnasts had posted three
straight wins this year; fencers were
2-0; swimmers 1-0, wrestlers took
the state collegiate championship. 0
  Here are some recent books by
the University of Wisconsin alumni
and faculty.
TION (A History of the American
Revolution, 1763-1776). A study
of the five years during which
America made the crucial decision
for Independence, handsomely
done, heavily annotated. By Merrill
Jensen, Ph.D. '34, who is Vilas Re-
search Professor of History at the
University. (704 pp.; Oxford Uni-
versity Press; $13.50)
  LADIES DAY is an amiable
57th novel by Elizabeth Corbett,
'10. The story it tells is of Jessica
Benedict, middle-aging, comfortably
divorced, searching for the meaning
of life as though it were a recipe
she'd meant to save. As far from
1969 as a week's scripts from The
Story of Mary Marlin, and in that
anachronism there is charm. (290
pp.; Meredith Press; $4.95)
  One of the classics of world liter-
has been given a new translation by
Eliot Deutsch, '52, who includes
several of his essays on this time-
less masterpiece. (190 pp.; Holt,
Rinehart and Winston; $4.95)
TORY IN AMERICA is a far cry
from it. Its author, Philip T. Drot-
ning, ex-'49, appears to have jotted
down the states in alphabetical
order, picked a few cities in each,
then asked around the office if any-
one knew of something happening
to a Negro in any of them. Nobody
did, much. (231 pp.; Doubleday;
  The National Aeronautics and
Space Administration (NASA) has
published a handsome book of
space photos and information called
CAMERA. Individual bylines are
absent, but NASA credits Professor
Verner E. Suomi and his staff, of
the University's Space Science and
Engineering Center, with important
contributions. (207 pp.; U. S. Govt.
Printing Office; $4.25)
  From research for his Ph.D. dis-
sertation, John W. Kingdon, MA
'63, built a study of the politician's
GIES includes an extensive break-
down of his research methods and
his conclusions. (Paperback: 169
pp.; Random House; $1.95)
   Other recent volumes* by Uni-
versity authors and editors include:
  Richard B. Andrews (Business),
State Economic Development: Wis-
consin's Planning Methods and
  Frederic G. Cassidy (English),
Dane County Place-Names
  Andrew H. Clark (Geography),
Acadia: The Geography of Early
Nova Scotia to 1760
  L. S. Dembo (English), Criti-
cism: Speculative and Analytical
  E. N. Feltskog (English), Park-
man, The Oregon Trail
  Joseph J. Hickey (Wildlife Ecol-
ogy) Peregrine Falcon Populations:
Their Biology and Decline.
  Mangham David Lehr (Music),
A Chorale Partita for Organ on
Veni Emmanuel. Edition ARS
NOVA, Goes, Holland
  E. Arthur Prieve and Donald P.
Schwab (both Business), Commerce
Readings. College Printing
  MDs Leigh M. Roberts, Norman
S. Greenfield, and Milton H. Miller
(all Psychiatry), Comprehensive
Mental Health: The Challenge of
  Richard H. Robinson (Indian
Studies), Classical Indian Philoso-
phy. College Printing
  Friedrich Solmsen (Classics),
Kleine Schriften, two vols., G. Olms
Verlagsbuchhandlung, Hildesheim,
West Germany
  Paul W. Glad (History), William
Jennings Bryan: A Profile. Hill &
Wang Inc., New York
  Donald G. Watts (Statistics) edi-
tor, The Future of Statistics. Aca-
demic Press, New York
  * Published by University of Wisconsin Press unless
otherwise noted
               Wisconsin Alumnus
Badger Bookshelf

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