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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

Editorial,   pp. 212-[214]

Page 213

to you.   Will not everyone who,
receives this copy    "sit down
quickly" and enclose his willing
dollar to the manager.
  The work involved in offering
-the' -publication-As -cherfully
done, and every effort is made to
have it meet the long felt want.
Surely it is not too much to ex-
pect that every graduate will
gladly respond with his or her
subscription. Back it up with the
true Wisconsin spirit. The only
basis on which the magazine can
be made to pay for itself is that
of subscriptions.   Many alumni
have suggesteod that the subscrip-
tion price be made $3 or $4 as is
the case with similar eastern mag-
azines no better, but the purpose
of the management of the Wiscon-
sin magazine has been to keep a
lower price in the hope of reach-
ing more readers.     Surely this
should be appreciated.
   All items for publication should
 be sent to the editor-in-chief be-
 fore the 25th of the month pre-
 ceding publication or risk post-
 ponement. The columns of the
 magazine will at all times be open
 for the discussion of relevant
 topics, but no anonymous articles
 will be accepted for publication.
   Every graduate should furnish
 frequent notice of his general pub-
 lic activities. We all want to know
 what all our Wisconsin repre-
 sentatives are doing.
   There is still a large supply of
 last year's commencement issues
of the magazine, and anyone can
have them sent postpaid at ten
cents a copy, by addressing the
treasurer. The issue contains the
baccalauerate address, memorial
-o-Arthur _F'Beule,aiFLfu11report
of the exercises of the graduating
class, the alumni dinner and re-
ception, and the various class re-
unions. Stamps may be remitted.
  The subscription dues cannot
come in too rapidly to please the
   The magazine has been distrib-
 uted regularly to all members of
 the faculty, including instructors
 and assistants, and if the manage-
 ment was not notified to the con-
 trary before the January issue it
 was taken for granted that the
 magazine was desired and will be
 paid for
   Those whose files are not com-
 plete can secure extra copies of
 the last three years at ten cents
 per copy, postpaid, by addressing
 the manager.
   When sending in your sub-
 scription dues send also personal
 notes concerning yourself and
 your 'varsity friends. Your old
 college friends' and chums wish
 to know your whereabouts.
   The columns of the magazine
 belong to the alumni and In them
 should be found your views con-
 cerning topics of general interest
 to graduates.

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