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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

With the classes,   pp. 208-212

Editorial,   pp. 212-[214]

Page 212

Wisconsin Alumni AMagazine.
nomics in Albany College, Albany,
   Miss Mollie Stevens has re-
 turned to her home in Rochester,
 N. Y.
   Mr. and Mrs. Herman B. Dahle,
 Sof Mount Horeb, announce the en-
 -gagement of their daughter, Miss
 Clara Amalie, to Dr. Frank E.
 Moody, of    Minneapolis.   Miss
 Dahle was a student 'last year in
 the department of music in the
  Announcement is made of the
marriage of Miss Frances Strasi-
lipka to Washington Ochsner at
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada,
September 15, 1903.
  At the sophomore class election
the follewing -ticket Was elected:
President, Max-, Loeb; first Vice-
president, Anna   Stone; second
vice-president, F. Lawrence; sec-
retary, Bert Concklin; treasurer,
Madge-Loranger; historian, Eliza-
beth   Harvey; . sergeant-at-arms,
Howard Chadwick.
   A -consultation of the year's
 subscription books of the maga-
 zine shows that many who are
 receiving the puiblication have
 not yet paid their subscription
 dues. If the magazine has been
 sent to anyone without specific
 -instructions for continuance it
 has been done in the hope that
 ,all would be sufficiently interest-
 -ed to pay in due time. The maga-
 zine was expressly designed to
 answer the frequent and urgent
 request of our graduates for reg-
 -ularly furnished information as
 to the work and status of the uni-
 versity. It aims to give them pre-
 cisely and fully such matter as
 they cannot get by sporadic press
 reports, and will seek to keep
 them in living touch with the con-
 dition and the needs, the efforts
 and the hopes of this home of
 their student life, which claims
them   always as its own and
claims always their loyal interest.
   There' are many things 'of our_
 history with which our college
 family needs re-familiarizing, and
 from time to time such data will
 be presented. The various assem-
 blies of the graduate 'associations
 will be reported.   The athletic
 events of whatever kind will be
 noted. 'In short, whatever of oc-
 currence or reminiscence is likely
 to instruct and gratify our grad-
 uates will be sought and offereil.
 The publication venture was made
 in the firm belief that alumni
 everywhere wish to know more of
 what is going on upon. this old
 hill of theirs, and that they will
 cheerfully sustain this purpose to
 bring the college into their con-
 tinual thought.
 The subscription price was fixed
 at the very lowest possible sus-
taining figure-one dollar a year.
Surely this will be worth as much

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