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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 1 (Oct. 1949)

Berge, John
100 alumni clubs?,   pp. 22-23

Page 22

ff * pmkF4"wý ea  d  e.  lý a  4  efati4  * *
than 18,000, the Wisconsin Alumni
Association starts its 88th fiscal year
well equipped to work for the best in-
terests of the University of Wisconsin.
Only one alumni association in the Big
Ten (Ohio State) has a larger mem-
   Association  membership   has in-
creased more than 700% since the mid-
dle thirties. During this period Asso-
ciation services have been expanded
and developed. Each year the WISCON-
SIN ALUMNUS has brought more and
more University news to its readers.
   Formation of new alumni clubs, un-
fortunately, has not kept face with
other factors in this expansion pro-
   As this issue goes to press, seventy
alumni clubs are listed in our club ros-  Twen
ter. This includes two clubs in the Pa-  the
cific: Honolulu and Manila. Half a     prim,
dozen groups are considering formal    ship,
organization but so far have not com-  built
pleted this final step.
   Seventy clubs is not enough. We should have
at least a hundred well-organized clubs.
   Scattered throughout Wisconsin are a num-
ber of cities with enough loyal Badgers to sup-
port good alumni clubs-cities such as Ashland,
Antigo, Black River Falls, Monroe, Merrill,
Rhinelander, Richland Center, Beaver Dam,
Marinette, Marshfield, Rice Lake, Stevens
Point, Watertown, and Wisconsin     Rapids.
Many of these cities are larger than West Bend
and yet West Bend for years has had one of the
best alumni clubs in the State.
   Outside of the State, too, are several cities
with more than a hundred Wisconsin alumni,
but no alumni clubs: Buffalo, Louisville,
Omaha, Rockford, and Toledo.
Lty-one activities are listed in this action-packed schedule of
Wisconsin Alumni Club of Milwaukee. Some alumni are
arily interested in football, some prefer speeches, some fellow-
so President Allen Jorgensen and his fellow officers have
a program of activities that satisfies all these varied interests.
       In some areas, the logical organization is a
    county club. Waupaca County, for example, has
    a splendid organization with officers from three
    cities in that county. The president is from Clin-
    tonville, the vice president from Waupaca, and
    the secretary-treasurer from New London.
    Meetings are held in each of the key cities in
    the county on a rotating schedule.
       Our field secretary, Ed Gibson, is ready to
    help in organizing a club in your area too.
    Alumni lists, a model constitution, suggestions
    for club activities are available for this or-
    ganization work. Let Ed help you so that
    alumni in your city or county can do their share
    in promoting the best interests of the Univer-
    sity of Wisconsin.-JOHN BERGE.
                              WISCONSIN ALUMNUS
    wis[onsin iWni CLUB oft4paý
               1949-50  7f1(i4tdZfe2
               SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
Sept. 17   Hard Times Party    Feb. -  Founder's Day Banquet
Oct. and Nov.- Football Movies (Thursday March - Haresfoot Preview Party
             noons except Wednesday
             of Thanksgiving week) April Style Show and Dance
December   Beer Party         May      Faculty-Alumni Luncheon
December 31 New Year's Eve Party June  Annual Business Meeting
       Further information on this action-packed schedule is listed below.
       Milwaukee Alumni Club members will receive the latest dope on these
       functions and specific dates, when they are decided, by mail.
              FOR 1949? -. -- SEE PAGE TWO
THE POPULAR FOOTBALL MOVIE ARRANGEMENT enjoyed last year will be continued
the movies shown at the Electric Company Auditorium, 2nd and Michigan at
12:15 p.m. the
Thursday following each game, except as noted above. The first movie, Sept.
29, will be open
to all Alumni. After that, only those with paid up membership cards or special
guests will be
    Lloyd Larson (Daly 8-3900) will be in charge with Howie Weiss (Ma 8-4323)
    as Co-chairman. A member of the University coaching staff will review
    game during the movie.
THE MILWAUKEE YOUNG ALUMNI group has joined forces with the Wisconsin Alumni
of Milwaukee. The young group has its own Chairman, Pat Moul (Ma 8-5451).
and Directors.
Its functions, directed toward matters and events of particular interest
to recent Alumni, will
be open to all Alumni. Pat is automatically on the Board of Directors of
the Alumni Club of

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