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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 1 (Oct. 1949)

Badger bookshelf,   pp. 18-19

Sports,   pp. 19-21

Page 19

  Besides these continued grants-in-
aid, recent WARF contributions in-
clude the Charles S. Slichter en-
dowed professorship, the University
Houses faculty apartment project,
and the Enzyme Institute building.
The foundation also recently opened
an insecticide laboratory in its new
headquarters building at Madison.
Latest WARF-financed discovery is
a potent rat killer developed by bio-
chemistry Prof. Karl Paul Link and
his associates.
  All this and more, for since its
birth the organization has awarded
grants to the University totaling
more than $4,000,000 and it has sup-
ported more than 2,000 research proj-
ects. That is a better record than
the total of state tax funds made
available for similar purposes.
  WARF has had a tinge of bad
luck, too. The federal government's
anti-trust men threatened it with
extinction back in the early '40s
when the principal source of income
was from patents, particularly the
Steen-bock. But late in 1945 thepaten-
expired, licenses were terminated,
and the remaining patents were
dedicated to the public: when the
reasons for anti-trust action were
gone, the government stepped out.
  Some of the most conspicuous men
in American business are now direc-
tors of the foundation. All alumni,
they are Harry A. Bullis, '17, chair-
man of the board, General Mills,
Minneapolis; D. A. Crawford, '05,
president of the Pullman Co., Chi-
cago; George I. Haight, '99, Chi-
cago attorney; William R. Kellett,
'22, assistant vice president, Kim-
berly-Clark Corp., Neenah; W. S.
Kies, '99, W. S. Kies and Co., New
York; C. S. Pearce, '00, director,
Colgate-Palmolive Peet Co., Chi-
cago; Donald Slichter, '22, North-
western Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
  Others include Justice Timothy
Brown, '11, recently appointed to
the Wisconsin state supreme court,
and Walter A. Frautschi, '24, vice-
president of the Democrat Printing
Co., Madison.
  Bullis, Haight, and Frautschi are
all past presidents of the Wisconsin
Alumni association.
  The Wisconsin Alumni Research
Foundation will receive the $50,000
estate of Robert W. Dawley, MS '22,
Madison, after the death of Mr.
Dawley's wife and brother. Mr.
Dawley died last July.
  According to the will, an adopted
son receives $100 and the widow will
receive the income from the remain-
der of the estate. At her death,
future income will go to the brother.
  After the death of the brother
the estate will go to WARF.
  Dawley was a member of Sprague
Dawley, Inc., which raises rats for
experimental purposes.
   * ,.Utmost Confidence"
   "WISCONSIN is strong at cen-
  "Ivy's end problem is a huge one."
  Center Bob "Red" Wilson, Bad-
gers' "most valuable player" the
past two seasons and captain of this
season's gridders, will be switched
from center to end position on offen-
sive plays.
  Tackle Bob Shea quits football to
concentrate on baseball; End Har-
old Faverty, Halfback Bob Mans-
field, Fullback Cal Vernon, and
Guard   Nick  Collias didn't come
is resting an injured leg another
year; star center, Joe Kelly, was
rumored ineligible but has definitely
returned to the active list.
   "Nobody expects us to win over
 two games this year and some say
 we will have to go like the devil to
 do that."
   THAT'S WHAT the sportswriters
were groaning about before the Wis-
consin-Marquette game on sunny
Sept. 24; coach    Ivy  Williamson
agreed "it's going to be plenty tough
this first year."
  But after an over-rated Marquette
got trounced 41-0 by an underrated
Wisconsin, Badger fans went around
with new lights in their eyes. Only
in 1914 and 1915 had the Hilltop-
pers taken such beatings from Wis-
consin when the respective scores
were 48-0 and 85-0.
  There were running        passes
snagged like Badgers hadn't snagged
them in a long time. There was
blocking, running, kicking, and pass-
ing that the stands loved. And there
was spectacular trickery in ball han-
dling which fans far away could
only read about Sunday morning.
  "I would call it a squad victory
more than the brilliance of any one
  Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
          TTENENT OF FIN                       DT!ON
                        December 31, 1948
  Current Assets  ----------------------$   222,428.56
    (Cash in Banks, Accounts Receivable,
  Investments  -------------------------12,992,415.38
    (Stocks, Bonds, Mortgages, Real Estate,
    at book value)
  Buildings, Land and Other Assets -------- 694,062.67
         Total Assets  -----------------------------$13,908.906.61
Liabilities and Capital Accounts
  Current Liabilities ------------------- $ 532,092.34
    (Royalties due Inventors, Taxes Withheld,
    Notes Payable)
  Grants Payable to University of Wisconsin 609,073.23
    (Current and Accumulated Grants)
  Reserves  ----------------------------1,113,244.76
  Capital Accounts
  A. Earned Surplus ------------------11,653,596.28
    B. Capital Contributions ---------------- 900.00
         Total Liabilities and Capital Accounts --------$13,908,906.61
1 i-2, w - I   . . . .. _ .y _ ,   '

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