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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 4, Number 8 (May 1903)

Faculty notes,   pp. 302-305

On the hill,   pp. 305-309

Page 305

On the Hill.
,A daughter was born May 1 to
Prof. and Mrs. A. W. Richter.
   Professor W. L. Carlyle has ac-
 cepted an offer to become pro-
 fessor of animal husbandry at
-Gol orac   21--%-uiivfsty.---He--am-to-
Wisconsin in 1897 from the Uni-
versity of i,.nnesota.
   Prof. L. S. Cheney and family
 will make their future home in
 Barron. Prof. Cheney, who is as-
 sistant professor in botany at the
 university, will join his family
 there after the close of the college
 year. Prof. Cheney has a tract of
 land, the cultivation of a portion
 of which he will direct for the
 benefit of his health.
 Prof. D. C. Jackson received, let-
 ters from several colleges asking
 him to recommend men to fill po-
 sitions in their .electrical en-
 gineering departments.
 Prof. 0. B. Zimmerman and Dr.
H. W. Hillyer were elected presi-
dent and vice-president of the
Wisconsin Audubon society at its
sixth annual meeting. Mrs. R. G.
Thwaites was chosen     secretary
-nd-treasurer-.-The so~ci-ety is do-
ing notable ,work among the pub-
lic schools of the state, and now
numbers 22,214 school children on
its membership enrollment.
  Prof.' C. K. Leith, with several
advanced students of the univer-
sity, have gone to Canada, where
they will do work in geology dur-
ing the summer.
  The    Geological  Society  of
America has published the ad-
dress of Win. W. Hobbs on the
Meteorite from Algoma.
  Profs. Burgess,   Patten  and
Hambuechen delivered papers be-
fore the American Electro-Chem-
ical society at its April meeting
in New Ybrk city.
  Wisconsin once more failed to
score in the Northern oratorical
contest held at Minneapolis May
1. Third place was won by George
P. Jones of Minnesota; second
place by   Eugene Marshall of
Michigan, and. first   place by
Frank J. Milnes of Northwestern,
on   an  oration  entitled, John
Ruskin, An Exponent of Modern
Culture. Wisconsin was repre-
sented- by Clifford C. Pease, '04,
with an oration on The Mission
of Marshall.
   Chairman J. J. Moffatt of the
1905 B1adger bard has made out
the various committees who will
serve next year, as follows:
  Literary--E. S. Jordan (chair-
man), Misses Oral Shunk, Eu-
genie Shea, Grace Wells, Kath-
erine   Harvey,  Grace   Martin,
Margaret   Cook;   "Messrs. R. J.
Neckerman, W. S. Griswold, H.
L. Geisse, H. K. Leonard, A. F.
Meyer, H. K. Weld.
  Chronicle-R t. J. Neckerman
(chairman), Misses Minnie Riess,
Grace  Martin, Margaret Cook,
Oral Shunk; Miessrs. Ih M. Cook,
H. L. Geisse, H. H. Morrison, W.
S. Griswold, I. B. Hosig, L. H.

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