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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 4, Number 8 (May 1903)

Faculty notes,   pp. 302-305

Page 303

 the organization of the new do-
 partment of accounting and busi-
 ness practice.
          Dr~CK~ 1eit-has-dec~-to-
 decline the offer from Yale, which
 was recently tendered him. He
 was  offered  an  assistant pro-
 fessorship in pre-cambrian and
 structural geology, but since he
 has been elected to a full profes-
 sorship in economic and struct-
 ural geology in Wisconsin at the
 recent meeting of the board of
 regents to fill the vacancy caused
 by the elevation of Professor C.
 R. Van Hise to the presidency he
 preferred to stay at Wisconsin.
 Dr. A. S. Alexander of Evans-
 ton, Ill., has removed to Madi-
 son, and will become a lecturer on
 veterinary science in the college
 of agriculture.   Dr. Alexander
 has been a generous contributor
 to the press along his particular
line of study, and has also issued
several volumes of poems.
   Prof. W. L. Carlyle  has  for-
 mally accepted the offer to be-
 come professor of animal hus-
 bandry  at Colorado University.
 This position is similar to the
 one he holds here, but gives him
 a broader field and larger salary.
 Prof. J. Morgan Clements, as-
 sistant professor  of  economIc
 geology, has resigned his position,
 and will leave at the end of the
 semester for New    York   City,
 where he will open an office as
 consulting geologist.
 Prof. Paul S. Reinsch spoke at
the National Municipal league
convention, at Detroit, on Mu-
y Notes.
nicipal Government in the Philip-
   Prof. F. J. Turner spoke at the
 university -convocation, April 24,
 on the Centenary of the Louisl-
-ana Piirebnse.-----
   Professor Julius E. Olson lec-
 tured at Superior, April 19, on
 Henrik Wergeland, the great Nor-i
 wegian poet.
   Professor Frederick J. Turner
 will lecture at Harvard Univer-
 sity during the second semester
 of next year. He has a leave of
 absence from his duties here and
 will take the place of Professor
 "Edward Channing, who     has  a
 year's leave of absence. Professor
 Turner  will lecture   especially
 upon the history of the west, and
 will :hold a seminary on Monroe's
   Prof. J. C. Monaghan spoke be-
 fore the students of the school of
 commerce of the University of
 Michigan during the week begin-
 ning May 4. He gave a lec-
 ture each day of the college week.
 He spoke April 22 in Milwaukee
at the meeting of-the Knights of
Columbus on    The German Em-
pire, the   Land Hallowed with
  Professor R. l M. Bashford ad-
dressed the'Bruce law club, May
19, on his recent experiences In
Porto Rico. Professor Bashford
spent- some weeks recently in
Porto Rico on legal business.
  May 13, Dr. U. B. Phillips lec-
tured to the class In Southern
history upon the life of John C.
Calhoun and his labors for slav-
ery extension.
  President Woodrow Wilson of
Phinceton university spent Sun-

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