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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 8 (May 1947)

With the alumni,   pp. 23-25

Madison memories,   pp. 25-28

Page 25

selected among the 50 books of the year
1946 by the- American Institute of the
Graphic Arts. The book contains 448 pages
on toolmaking practices . . . Edgar M.
ALSTAD and Carl FLOM, Madison attor-
neys, have resumed their law partnership
which was interrupted when both went
into service. Their office is now in the
Washington Bldg., Madison.
  1932  . . . .                       W
  Ervin W. SCHROEDER has been named
  chairman of the agricultural engineering
  department * at Oklahoma A&M  College,
  Stillwater, Okla. In 1936 he became in-
  structor in agricultural engineering  at
  Penn State College. He left there a year
  ago to take charge of farm machinery and
  power research for the TVA . : - Mr. and
  Mrs. Charles J. O'CONNOR     (Dorothy
  GELBACH), Chicago, announce the .birth
  of a daughter, Margaret Frances, on Feb-
  ruary 2.
  1933 .............. W
  Arnold H. DAMMEN, assistant director
  of residence halls at the University, has
  been -aw~arded-caHankon -II- Liberation
  medal from the king of Norway. He was
  with th9-Tth -army in the European theater
  late in 1944 working with the Office of
  Strategic Services during the closing days
  of the war, shipping arms and supplies into
  Nazi-occupied Norway from Sweden . . .
  Francis LYNAUGH, who has been director
  of municipal recreation at Two Rivers since
  last August, has resigned to become effec-
  tive not later than May 1. Mr. Lynaugh
  was formerly associated with the Madison
  recreation department.
  1934 ....         ........         w
  Samuel D. CONANT, Rochester, N. Y.,
  has requested a change of address' to be
  made to 119 Ridgewood Rd., W. Hartford,
  7, Conn.
  1935 .....     ...........          W
  Dr. Max B. MILBERG, Brooklyn, N. Y.,
  was married March 9 to Lillian Kling...
  Mrs. Win. H. FREEMAN     (Verne-Marie
  KOPPLIN) has become a member of
  Rogers and Clark, 111 Sutter St., San
  Francisco ... Mr. and Mrs. Donald STONE
  (Laura SEVERSON) are living at 55
  Geranium Ave., Floral Park, Long Island,
  N. Y. Mr. Stone is editor of the Litho-
  grapher's Journal, the trade journal of the
  Amalgamated Lithographers.
  1936                                 W
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. STEWART
  (Marion BREWER, '36), Cleveland, 0., are
    n   ing the birth of-ahi    n    ry
 Allan, on February 4. Mr. Stewart is asso-
 ciated with the Cleveland law  firm of
 Jones, Day, Cockley and Reavis . . . Lyle
 W. BARTELT, city attorney at Kewaskum,
 was married March 15 to Hulda Kohlbeck,
 Milwaukee. They will reside in Kewaskum
 where Mrs. Bartelt is a school teacher...
 Mrs. Ernest A. WEINKE     (Eve STUP-
 FELL), Madison, has been named head of
 the newly founded home economics depart-
 ment at Shurtleff College, Alton, Ill ...
 Dr. Clarence E. SCHRAM, Madison, has
 opened an office in the First National Bank
 Bldg., 905 University Ave., for the practice
 of dentistry. He was employed as a regis-
 tered pharmacist by the* Rennebohm Drug
 Co., before his entrance in the army . . .
 Dr. Robert G. MAYER, resident physician
 at the Veterans' Administration Hospital,
 Milwaukee, was found dead in bed April 1.
 He was the son of Dr. Edward Mayer, a
 practicing physician at Kaukauna. Dr.
 Mayer had been in military service and
 had been discharged in. January, 1946.
 1937....                             W
   Robert R. HARRIS, Madison, has been
 named basketball coach at Madison West
 High School. He had been a member of the
 Madison public school system since 1940.
 1938 .........       .......... w
   Kenneth P. VOGT, Milwaukee, was mar-
 ried March 4 to Elaine Melms at St. Mary's
 church. They will make their home in Mil-
 waukee after a wedding trip to California
 . . . Dr. Charles R. MORRIS, Washburn,
 will join the staff at Mayo Clinic, Roches-
 ter, Minn., on April 1. He recently com-
 pleted his army military service. He was a
.flight-surgeon with a photo reconnaissance
outfit in China and India . . . Mrs. Karl
MILROY, Jr., (Evelyn OLSON), formerly
of Madison,-now a Powers model, took part
in the Madison spring fashion show. Her
husband is a commercial artist on the staff
of Esquire.
1939 ..    ..........        .   W
   1st Lt. DeForest C. BINGHAM, son of
 Mrs. F. M. Bingham, 318 S. Main, James-
 town, N. Y. on Jan. 11, 1946 has been re-
 ported "officially presumed dead". He was
 reported missing in action Feb. 1, 1943 over
 Shortland Harbor, Solomon Islands, when
 returning from an, attack on Munda. Lt.
 Bingham entered service in Jan., 1941, and,
 was graduated from the advanced training
 class at Turner Field, Albany, Ga. and sent
 overseas . . . Thomas A. SORENSEN, Ke-
 nosha, was married March 1 to Victoria
 HEINRICHS, '50, Lancaster. Mr. Sorensen
 is employed by the State Employment
 Service . . . Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W.
 DEEDLER (Nancy YAHNKE, '41), Ur-
 bana, Ill., announce the birth of a daugh-
 ter, Jo Anne, born March 15 . . . Walter
 E. BOND, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Bond,
 321 S. Hamilton St., Madison, was killed in
 an accident in Paris, France, recently. He
 was employed by an importing firm. Mr.
Bond -had-serv-e-d-in the army~four--years
*/l//cic/i4c~z Memca4ie L
  ONE YEAR AGO, May, 1946: Three outstanding Americans in their fields of
science, education, and industry, all of them identified with Wisconsin during
part of their lives, were honored by the University at its 93rd annual Com-
mencement in the Field House on May 25. They were Alexander Wetmore,
secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C.; Herman B. Wells,
MA'27, president of Indiana University; and Stanley C. Allyn, '13, president
the National Cash Register Co.
  FIVE YEARS AGO, May, 1942: Prof. John Hicks, PhD'16, chairman of the
history department, has resigned to join the faculty of the University of
U.IIi,  ,  Jaat, J.e l:L . . . . a- 0IUJ. . i L i.
Gillin of the sociology department was
honored on his retirement at a special
dinner in the Memorial Union.
  TEN YEARS AGO, May, 1937: Five
hundred students cut their 11 o'clock
classes on May Day to attend a "peace
strike" rally on the lower campus and
hear seven speakers condemn war and
urge measures for a lasting peace
Clarence A. Dykstra was officially wel-
comed to the presidency of the Univer-
sity on a nationwide NBC broadcast on
May 19 sponsored by the Wisconsin
Alumni Association.
  TWENTY YEARS AGO, May, 1927:
The Wisconsin Assembly by unanimous
vote has expressed its admiration of
Director  George' Little, Coach  Tom
Jones, and all' the members of the track
squad for winning the Big Ten indoor
conference track meet at Urbana, Ill.
... Pres. Glenn Frank and Regent Zona
Gale, '95, are two of the six directors of
the new Literary Guild of America, an
organization developed for the purpose
of distributing good books at lower
  THIRTY    YEARS AGO, May, 19g7:
The faculty has granted time credit for
intensive military drill. A thousand stu-
dents are already devoting seven hours
a day to military training. They will go
directly into the army at the close of the
^'k  I     . rlV A 4-'11 I-U 1 ..... . 1 ,_ -1
HUNDREDS OF Wisconsin men cided that the University will' not par-
Hoarded top        Wiscon  sn   30n   ticipate in intercollegiate contests
years agq this month andisonde        Spring. The Schenectady Alumni Club'
fors Fane tohis "othe war thead       has passed a resolution censoring
for France to fight "the waranti-war activities of Sen. Robert M.
wars.                                 LaFollette, Sr., '76.
  FORTY YEARS AGO, May, 1907: Col. Charles A. Curtis, commandant of the
University Regiment, died on May 28 . . . Prof. Charles F. Burgess of the
department of chemical engineering has been elected president of the American
Electro-Chemical Society . . . A new catalog of the University just off'
press shows a total enrollment of 3,660 students, the largest number in history.
                  (From the files of the Wisconsin Alumnus)
and saw duty in the European theater. He
is survived by his wife and son at Des-
plaines, Ill. . . . Lester P. VOIGT, Madi-
son, statistician- with the Public Service
Commission, has been named personnel
officer for the conservation department...
Donald STERLINSKE, Beaver Dam, has
taken over the law   practice and office
equipment of the late Emory 0. Ellingson,
Ladysmith. He entered military service in
1942 and reopened his office again in 1946
upon receiving his discharge . . . Charles
STRAHOTA has a distributorship forothe
Clinton Spray Way in Kansas City, with
offices at 1313 State St., Kansas City, Kans.
1940.        ..........             W
  Sprague VONIER, Milwaukee, has been
appointed assistant secretary to Mayor
J. L. Bohn of Milwaukee. He retired from
his job as makeup editor of the Milwaukeer
Sentinel to accept the appointment...
Dr. and Mrs. D. E. HOLTMAN (Elizabeth
WANEK, '39), Madison, have moved to
Boyceville, Wis. Dr. Holtman was a prac-
ticing dentist in Madison and will open his
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