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The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1944)

Peterson, Basil J.; Jacobson, M. A.; Munroe, Maude Maxwell
The real need of the University,   pp. 2-3

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It is the opinion of the AdministratJ
as of the Regents that the estima
Interim Committee are too low, esl
the Chemistry and Engineering buil,
,of which require costly equipment.
n as well
s of the
cially for
rigs, both
8. Biology building wing -----------
   When the present Biology building was
   erected, the plans provided for the addition of
   two wings. This. department I is now badly
   overcrowded, and a wing should be erected at
   this time.
9. Bascom   hall enlargement
   The College of Letters and- Science has a great
   need for classroom  and office space. Plans
   prepared, years ago provide for an additional
   two fl6ors on the southwest wing and also
   --fo-r-a-fir sto~ry nortihwest wing.
         8 .IINZXERS
of I! Visitors ..
10. Bacteriology building and equipment
    Separate and centrally located facilities for
    all students should be provided.
11 mi.Ad  nistration and Extension building
    Construction of the new library will be on the
    site of the present Business Administration
    building at State and Park streets. fHome Eco-
    nomics will require the space in their build,
    ing used by the Extension. Division. This new
    building could house all of the Administration
    and Extension activities.
12. Central heating station, electrical dis-
    tribution, u.tilities, safety devices and
    alterations -..     .   _..-------------
    It is 'obvious that the requirements of an esti-
    mated additional 12,000,000 cubic feet will
    necessitate a major expansion of all heating,
    electrical, sewerage, and water facilities.
13. Physical Education-Men's Gymnasium
    There has been no provision for physical edu-
    c.. tion of men other than. the old Armory
    built exactly fifty years ago when the enroll-
    ment. was about, 2,0O'students. No high school
    of large size in the state is as poorlyequiped,
    .and no university of comparable siz: is icom-
    pelled to utilize such an obsolete structure.
    -This essential facility should be provided
    by the time our boys return to the campus at
    the end of the war.
14. Milwaukee Extension      division build-
    ing  addition  __,,---- _--- _,_.-.....
    Plans for an addition to the -Milwaukee Ex-
    tension building have been prepared so that
    men and women enrolled there might have
    space comparable to that planned for the cam-
    pus at Madison. Many of the students from
    the Milwaukee Extension later enroll at the
    university at Madison to obtain their -degree.
15. Dormitories and Housing
    More homing in the immediate post-war period
    must be available. At present the university
    has- no provision for housing its married
    graduate students. Living space for both men
    and women students in Madison is at a pre-
    mium and the situation will become critical at
    the conclusion of present hostilities.
ate o± items
Sagainst pou
velop by the
                  are completed.
              17. Short Course dormitory and equipment          148,600.00
  0The 1941 legislature appropriated $200,000.00
                  for construction of a Short Course dormitory.
                  This building and equipment as now planned
                  will cost $348,600.00 and therefore requires
                  a further appropriation of $148,700.00. Our
                  present Short Course dorm is an old wooden.
     -            barrack and a relic of World War I.
535,000.00    Combined Total of all Interim     Committee
                  and Board of Regents recommenda-
                  tions--------------------------- $12,334,000.00
                   The Board-of Visitors ndorses each-of tercommenda-~-
                tions listed, by the Interim Committee and by the' Board
                Regents. They are vitally essential to the welfare of the
                .Uoiversity ofWisconsin and must no longer be deferred.
                  While the sum of approximately twelve millions of dol-
      IT Y      University.......hdr                              ...
                   IT  as' is recognized as considerable, do not' forget
that had'
                the legislatire, provided an average amount of one million
                dollars annually these past fifteen years and utilized PWA
                to its fullest possibilities, as was done at some sister
                universities, and even by ourselves in the construction of
                dormitories and' the Wisconsin Union Theatre, we would
  250,000.00    not be faced with any such critical building or expansion
                problem at the University of Wisconsin today .
                I The University is the proud heritage of the citizens of
  500,000.00 State of Wisconsin. They, as' well as the alumni everywhere,
                maintain a deep and abiding pride in their great' Univer-
                sity. They can appreciate that the deficiencies in the; physical
                plant has a marked bearing on the nature and quality of the
                teaching, the research, and the services it is able to render
                the state. Once fully and accurately informed we believe
                they will actively urge that the appropriations suggested
                by both the Board of Regents and the Interim Committee
                are voted by the incoming legislature.
                . Your Board of Visitors desires to encourage every senator
                and every assemblyman to visit the University of Wisconsin
                at their earliest convenience and spend as much time there
                as possible, particularly in studying the building problem
                which1must be faced courageously and solved at this next
1,000o,000.00           We likewise recommend this procedure to inter-
                ested citizens and alumni. We are fully confident that
                once all of our representatives are adequately informed.,
                as to the real needs of the University of Wisconsin, neces-"
                sary and adequate financial support will be appropriated
                without further, delay.
                  Let the alumni and citizens generally unite with a firm
                determination that the leadership of the State of Wisconsin
                be best reflected by the leadeiship of the: University of
                - Wisconsin.
,I'~ 2Afr~

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