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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

Badgers you should know,   pp. 347-348

Page 348

      The Wisconsin Alumnus
board with power to act in labor disputes. Among   whose city editor's chair
will be taken by Harold
the members of that body appointed by Gov. La Fol-  "Mac" McClelland,
'29, both graduates of the School
lette was Prof. Edwin E. Witte, '09, chairman of the  of Journalism.
economics department, whose pioneering and expert    Mich, former resident
of Minneapolis, joined the
advice have been vital to the national labor world.  Journal staff while
attending the University in the
Prof. Witte will be aided by Father Francis J. Haas,  fall of 1922. In succession
and with considerable
Hon. '36, president of the St. Francis seminary of  success he was reporter,
feature writer, sports editor
Milwaukee, and Voyta Wrabetz, '03, member of the   and city editor. He left
the city desk to take over
state industrial commission.                          the managing editorship
of the Muscatine (Iowa)
  The appointments are for terms of six years, but  Journal in October, 1930.
In 1933, he returned to
according to Gov. La Follette the present board will  Madison to assume duties
as managing editor of the
serve long enough to get the new labor disputes ma-  State Journal.
chinery in order. In a recent bill approved by the   Matson's tenure with
the Journal dates back to
legislature, the members of the board may serve on a  1928, when he too was
attending the University. In
part-time basis due to their present positions and will  1929, he became
a permanent member of the staff and
be paid a salary of $5,000 annually.                  has served as reporter,
copyreader, state editor and city
                                                       editor. He also hails
from Minneapolis.
                                                         McClelland, better
known in these environs as
    Employes Honor "Rube" Trane                       "Mac"
because of his Sunday auto column called
  WHAT with the summer monsoons coming on,         "Through the Windshield,"
is a native of Rice Lake.
  and HAT with the summer monsoons  comingmedia ds o,  He has been employed
by the Journal since 1923.
and with the monsoons one immediately adds air-
conditioning, the table-talk turns to Reuben Trane
again. THE Reuben Trane of La Crosse, Wis.,            Dykstra Featured on
whose prosperous little plant proudly reported profits
of $325,000 on only $3,000,000 sales.                    MAY 19 will long
be remembered as a momen-
  Reuben Trane may be remembered by Badger        tous date in University
history. It was on that night
                 alumni as captain of the Wiscon-  that President Clarence
A. Dykstra was officially pre-
                 sin crew back in 1910. His engin-  sented to the nation
by the Alumni Association over
                 eering degree was valuable to the  a coast to coast N.B.C.
network from the Great Hall
                 elder Trane, who made Son Reu-     of the Memorial Union.
An interesting program of
                 ben president, his present job. The  music, drama, and talks
blended well to offer the best
                 father died and the younger Trane  radio program the Association
has presented to date.
              I  put the company into air-condi-      Dykstra, speaking after
a dinner sponsored by the
                 tioning, whence, since 1920 it has  Madison Alumni club,
asked better education for bet-
              I  climbed to one of the major air-  ter democracy, and reiterated
recent pleas for students
                 conditioning manufacturers in the  eager to serve government
and for an alumni group
                 | i | Am nation.                     cooperating with school,
students, faculty, and state.
                    When the company celebrated        Featured in the half-hour
broadcast, which took a
                 its fifth addition to the plant, the  story of the University
into countless thousands of
  Reuben Trane   25th anniversary of its entrance  graduates' homes, was
a duet by the University's 80-
  "Thanks, boss"  into manufacture of heating equip-  piece band,
and the carillon.  Norris Wentworth
                 ment and the 50th anniversary of   blended the tones of
his chimes with notes from the
its founding, the 1,000 employes bought a half-page  band, directed by Prof.
Ray Dvorak. Prof. Cecil
ad in the La Crosse newspaper and surprised their  Burleigh, of the School
of Music, played several of his
boss with a "THANK YOU, MR. TRANE." The               own compositions.
message was signed by every one of the 1,000 em-     Also on the program
was a dramatic review of the
ployes.                                               University, from 1838
down to selection of Dykstra.
   Trane company has supplied air-conditioning sys-  President-emeritus Edward
A. Birge was honored by
tems on such major jobs as N. Y. Life Insurance   the Wisconsin Alumni association
with a "Book of
company building in Manhattan, Wrigley Tower and   Testimonials" made
up of letters of good wishes he
Sears, Roebuck building in Chicago, and the House  received after the Founders
day radio program Feb. 6.
of Representatives and Supreme Court buildings in    "Whatever may happen
for the moment in Italy,
Washington.                                           Spain or in other places,"
Dykstra said, "we doubt-
                                                       less shall fare better
in the end if we facilitate the
                                                       adaptations and inventions
that are necessary to make
   A  Journalist     Fruit Basket Upset                democracy a success."
                                                         He hoped that those
who will make the "adapta-
   THE Madison public knows him merely as D. D.     tions" will be those
"equipped by disinterested stu-
Mich, '23, managing editor of the Wisconsin State  dents of our society with
the knowledge and wisdom
Journal, but to the local newshawks "Red" Mich has  needed for
intelligent and courageous action.
been the "guy who really knows his news and news-    "Practice
cannot be slowed down," he said, "in-
pictures."  Apparently, the publishers of Look mag-  telligence must
be accelerated. We in the universities
azine, bimonthly picture publication, thought the  cannot evade the responsibility."
same thing, so now "Red" is the associate editor of  The problem
the alumni and the University face in
their rising brain-child.                             revolving the whole
question of education and its
   "Red" will leave his post as ME of the State    adequacy under
modern conditions is that of "har-
Journal June 1, to be succeeded by Roy Matson, '29,  nessing the undoubted
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