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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

Final reunion plans,   p. 346

Page 346

                                   Fiai RslellwaiiIrs P Pias
                                   Annual alumni institute to be held Friday;
                                   Ten   classes  plan   reunions   for 
                                               governor last year. Prof.
Selig Penlman will close the
                                               afternoon "classes"
with a round table discussion on
                                               "The Light of History
in Current Tendencies."
                                                 A dinner for all reuning
alumni and participants
                                               in the Institute will be held
at 6:1 5 in the Tripp
                                 Jn18c ses  Pre m sCommons of the Union.
At this informal dinner,
            to  av  rgulr euion  ad  n  ddiioal500or asotaltherewillbtae
pabrefpane0'ldicussionone  Adult
                               "Curreni Perolaems  Regent President
Harold Wmilkie will discuss, "The
                               "CurrenthProblems"State and the
University."  At the conclusion of his
           of~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~  ~   ~~~~         ~tl thes   wildeJuiebsaun.Te
       wl  eteI           epne to insisefpnel discussion the "aduto
      OUND   table discussions, picnics, dances,  Education and the University."
 In this panel dis-
honoed    c oth the reunion and      and a lot of  cussion will be Profs.
C. J. Anderson, Lester F.
11tve.good, clean fun are on the program for those  Wt W3 Cin, Aon M. WHuso
Ek  ins. a do.  . Li gohty
      alumni who avail themselves of the oppor-W   .Cak     .W   okn    n
    H  ihy
      tunity to come back for the 1 37 reunions on    Saturday will be devoted
to the affpairs of the re-
euned 18, 19, 20,uander 21. Tiven r class are shedd   runing alumni. The
general meeting of the Alumni
plan oenosae 189, 1902 2007 and7 2125 Ten.Seca classs artablesdasocato  will
ta e plaea r0ocockindted. rn
to have regular reunions and an additional 500 or   asso iathe wiln . Ta
e reatn of the 'clokni t l emorn
1000 alumni will probably return for all or part of  ingpaign treounion.
 tihte presmnder  the da ilbe
the f estivities.                              dvtdt    eno    ciiis
  The class of 1887 will return for the celebration
of its Golden Jubilee as alumni. They will be the      IN response to insistent
demands on the part of
honored class at both the reunion and commencement  most of the classes,
the "Parade of Classes" will start
activities. The Class of 1912 will return to celebrate  at 6:30 in front
of Music Hall instead of on the
twenty-five years of life as alumni. Other classes  Union Terrace. The classes
will then proceed to the
scheduled to reune under the five-year plan or the Dix  Great Hall where
the senior-alumni dinner will be
plan of reunions are 1897, 1902, 1907, 1917, 1925,  held. Special class tables
will be provided.
1926, 1927 and 1928. Individual letters have been     The winners of the
Diamond Jubilee Membership
sent to the members of the reuning classes telling of  campaign trophies
will be presented at the dinner,
special class programs and a tabulation of the general  special awards will
be made to the members of the
affairs of the weekend will be found on the inside  Class of 1887 and President
Dykstra will deliver the
front cover of this issue.                     only talk. Following the dinner
the reuners will as-
  The reunion weekend will open with the second     semble on the Terrace
in the rear of the Union to
annual Alumni Institute on Friday, June 18. The     witness the annual Pipe
of Peace ceremony staged by
first "class" in this interesting program of adult edu-  members
of the junior and senior classes. At the con-
cation will open at 9:30 in the Old Madison room of  clusion of this brief
but impressive ceremony, Presi-
the Union building. At this time Prof. Noble Clark  dent and Mrs. Dykstra
and members of the Class of
of the College of Agriculture will outline briefly some  1 887 will receive
alumni at an informal reception.
of the ideas behind the University's now  famed     From there on the night
is yours.
Science  Inquiry.  Following  this  dis   - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
cussion, Prof. Aldo Leopold will re-           Te13    omneetCrmn
port on one of the Inquiry's projects,              The 1936 Comencemv erenthi
'Wisconsin WVild Life and Its Conser-150wlreivdgesthsJn
vation. Prof. Leopold has been in
charge of Game Research at the Uni-
versity for the past five years and
should present an interesting discus-
Sion. Following this will be a brief
intermission. Prof. E. R. Jones will
then discuss a second conservatio-
problem of the Inquiry when he tellsAR
about the work which has been done
at the University, in the state and the
nation concerning the problems of
soIl erosion and how this affects our
daily lives.
  Prof. J. H. Kolb will open th'e
afternoon sessions with a discussion
of the problems of public welfare as
revealed in a recent report of a state-
wide committee appointed by the

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