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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number V (Feb. 1934)


                                                 elements, cause most of
the interruptions that raise
                     n                         Cain with the more important
service. The tail-
                                                 cutting-off device to remedy
this situation is a new
                                                 General Electric oil circuit
breaker for automatically
                                                 chopping off the less important
circuit when damage
                                                 occurs, and restoring service
when the damage is
                                                 repaired. General Electric
engineers designed the
             MOTOR TROUBLE                       circuit breaker especially
for this service, and it can
                MOO-   RUL                       be mounted easily on a lighting
The lady in 856 had tossed and turned for hours.
Finally, she called the room clerk: "There's a motor               
 >.  AH !4
under my bed! I can't sleep!"                                    Ad
   q$ <
The motor wasn't under the bed. It was several
floors away. Vibration, inaudible at the source, was
transmitted and amplified by the building structure.
Instead of a hotel, this might have been an office
building, a school, a library, or a hospital. Instead
of a sleepless guest, it might have been a patient.   "I'LL SEND MY
For some time General Electric has built quiet
                                             .  Amid the popping of static
in a nation-wide broad -
motors, which do not sing, throb, hum, whir, or  c
                                         '  .    ~cast the new G-E Institute
at Nela Park, in Cleve-
mutter. But, even so, good intentions are nullified  l
                                                  land, was dedicated just
before Christmas. It cannot
unless motors are so installed as to check trans- boast of a football team;
it has no stadium or band.
mission of vibration. (Every rotating machine
            vibrtes) No  GeeralEletrichasmadeanoherBut it does have laboratories
and classes under the
vibrates.) Now General Elec-tric has made another  dietino  a dsigshdfcly
contribution-sound-isolating  bases, to  isolate   Tio of a distingush  
vibrations within the motor. E. H. Hull, Yale, '24,  Two former G-E colleges,"-the
Kitchen Institute
and W. C. Stewart, Washington U., '26, working   and the Lighting Institute-have
been combined to
with A. L. Kimball, Harvard, '14, did most of the  form this new school at
Nela Park. It is a clearing
laboratory work on this development,              house for down-to-date
information on the electric
                                                  home, and a training school
for home appliance
                                                  sales representatives and
home-service directors of
                        I>)k1X, i; ! power companies and appliance dealers.
It is also a
                                                  laboratory where new ideas
in kitchen management,
                                                  meal preparation, home
lighting, and the like may
                                                  be developed and tested.
                  ______________________________  Besides the laboratory
kitchen and classroom kitch-
                                                  ens, there are model kitchens
of every type, from
             CIRCUIT SURGERY                     the de luxe kitchen for
a large home to the tiny
That well-known situation of the tail wagging the  apartment-house kitchen.
There is also a model
dog has a parallel in the distribution of electrical laundry, and an architectural
planning department
power. And General Electric engineers recommend  which not only assists home
owners, builders, and
that the tail be cut off.                        architects in modernizing
and planning kitchens,
To be specific, electric distribution circuits which  but also trains specialists
to go out into the field.
supply current to large groups of customers should  The Institute has 22,000
square feet of floor space
not have their reliability put in danger by less  for exhibits and demonstrations.
important circuits. This is fundamental. In many  This new school is under
the co-direction <
cases, circuits supplying outlying districts, where  of L. C. Kent, University
of Illinois, '13,
they are exposed to damage by lightning and the  and Paul H. Dow, Kenyon,

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