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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number X (July 1931)

What the reuners have to say,   pp. 380-384

Page 381

July, 1931                                                          'The
Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
did not finish the course or joined other classes. Each  declare their immunity
from flies, and to show younger
name brought forth a biography or an obituary, all  classes that their "whees"
are not yet wheezes. There
received with eager, serious mien. But when some one  were not as many present
as at past reunions, but
butted in with "do you remember when", then the     though our
ranks are thinning, we seem agile as ever in
rafters shook with laughter. Officers elected for the en-  evading insects,
and as vocal as in 1923 when our
suing year: President, Byron B. Park, Stevens Point;  quartette received
honorable mention for its valiant
Secretary, Emma Gattiker, Baraboo.                    performance.
  In the evening, at the annual senior-alumni dinner,  Mary Stahl Bradfield,
prompt and faithful as of yore,
the class occupied the honor table in front of the speak-  was the first
arrival at class headquarters on Friday
ers' stand. Emil Baensch, as President of the class,  afternoon, soonfollowedbyCharlieParlinwhojourneyed
read its ceremonial parting pledge and lit the candle  from Philadelphia
to be with us. Then Mary Smith
(with a cigar lighter). On Sunday some went to church  Swensen dropped in,
and although Sabena and Charlie
in the morning and some to the baccalaureate sermon  Rogers were not yet
arrived, a real reunion had begun,
in the afternoon.                                     for Charlie Parlin,
with one or two appreciative and
  Sunday evening we assembled at "Ham" Steensland's  stimulating
listeners can make undergraduate days
residence for a soiree, but the captain of the house  live again. He has
a prodigious memory of his college
provided service and meal fit for a banquet. Remini-  career, and when memory
lags, invention fills the gaps,
scense constituted the order of business, winding up  and fiction becomes
far more plausible and more in-
with "we'll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang  teresting than
truth. Do you remember Charlie at
syne."                                                heated class meetings?
He has not changed. After ten
  Monday morning, at the graduation exercises,      minutes in his company
thirty-eight years slip away
Pluvius let loose, Julius Olson no longer being on deck.  and you are back
in the college, fascinated by his flow
As a result the representation of '81 on the stage was  of language, thirsting
to contradict him, but wary
lessened in numbers. And how, paraphrasing Maurice  about engaging in a verbal
combat in which you are
McKerna, of Fond du Lac:                              foredoomed to be worsted.
          Comrades of the olden days
          Melting like the spring-time snow,
          We've enjoyed this thrilling haze
          Of the days of long ago.
                                EmIL BAENSCH.
                   Class of 1 891i
  The class of 1891 celebrated its 40th anniversary
during commencement week.
  There was no formal program for the day but mem-
bers of the class who attended, spent part of the day at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Johnson in Lake--I
  A buffet luncheon was served to the members of the
class and to the accompanying members of their fami-                -NO FLIES
lies. Moving pictures of the 1926 reunion were shown  Saturday morning our
register began to fill up as old
and[ movies of this year s reunion were taken. The rest  friends with unfamiliar
faces began to stroll into head-
of the afternoon was spent in telling stories of days gone  frters wit roduced
 be   s. The y eari
by and the reading of letters from some of those who  quarters and introduced
themselves. The years since
could not reune this year.                            our last reunion have
registered some changes, but
  The following members of the class were present:  Lottie Smith's hair still
holds its gleam of sunshine,
Mrs. Olive Baker Beffel and daughter, Mr. Louis Claude  Mary Oakley Hawley
has lost none of her old time charm,
and wife, Mr. C. B. Chapman and wife, Mr. Loyal     Mary Smith Swensen is
just as hearty and genuine as
Durand and wife, Mr. A. F. Fehland, Mr. William Funk  ever, and Joe Messerschmidt's
silver crown is not at all
sister, and nephew, Dr. Clarence F. Hardy and wife,  disfiguring.
Mr. J. S. Hotton and wife, Mr. Wm. Jackson and wife,  After greetings, introductions,
recognitions, and ex-
Mr. Frank Jackman, Mr. George Keenan, Mr. Fred T.   change of experiences
we adjourned to the Woman's
Kelly and wife, Mr. Theodore Kronshage, Jr. and wife,  Building for luncheon,
then gathered on the lawn for a
Mr. Edward S. Main, Mr. E. Morey, Dr. Edward H.     picture. A '93 reunion
that did not include a boat ride
Ochsner and daughter, Mr. Thos. H. Ryan and wife    would be incomplete.
So we went for a boat ride on Lake
A. H. Sanfordannd wife, Dr. Charles H. Stoddard     Mendota. In mid-lake
we stopped the boat to hold a
Mr. wif, nd   r.Leeret . Weeerandwie.class meeting to elect officers. '93
must be growing old-
  Letters were received from the following:  F. W.  there was no fight over
candidates. Perhaps that was
Adamson, Lucy Churchill Baldwin, Laura Barber,      due not so much to our
sedateness, as to the fact that
Eleanor Breese, Jean Hayes Cady, Helen West Chamber-  the Laws of '95, numbering
many Hill '93s, had a dinner
lain, L. S. Cheney, J. T. Dithmar, J. Fliegler, George  on Friday night when
they had a   chance to make a
E. Frost, Mildred Harper, Elsabeth Veerhusen Kind,  slate. Be that as it
may, Charlie Rogers was unani-
Isabel Chester Loomis, F. T. Merritt, G. W. Moore-  mously chosen president
and H. S. Siggelko with just as
house, George E. Morton, C. R. Pickering, E. H.     much unanimity was made
secretary-treasurer, assur-
Powell, Marion Janeck Richter, Grace Lamb Schindler,  ing us a good organization
to boost next meeting and
and W. D. Stanley.                                    making it unnecessary
for Charlie to emulate Na-
                                                      poleon the second time.
                 Class of I 893                        We assembled again
at 6:15 to march to the Memorial
  Once again the '93s have convened in Madison to   Union building for the
Senior-Alumni supper, '93 was
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