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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Class news,   pp. 351-356

Page 353

     Sec'y-W. J. MEUER, Madison
            2314 Kugby RKow
  So this is summer-when a guy isn't sup-
posed to do anything but take a vacation.
That's what Prexy Frank is doing in Europe
right now. He don't have to write no class
column nor nothing-just get new ideas for
speeches and such thinigs.
  Well, the crew didn't do so well, bui who's
complaining? Everybody can',t win and
anyway, college athletics shouldn't have to
depend on wins to be a success. We didn't
pull down a single championship this year ex-
cept cross country, and yet the year was a big
success. A' new spirit has appeared at Wis-
consin, and another year or two will see some
top percentage teams. George Little is doing
a big thing at his end of the job and we'll
crash through with some real championships
again soon.
  Did you hear or read the big dope on the
new alumni secretary? Well, he is none other
than Bart McCormick, '04, immediate past
superintendent of La Crosse.schools and gov-
ernor of the tenth district of International
Rotary. How they ever got him is more
than I can dope out, but he's a fact,-and a
fact's a fact. If anybody can make this old
Alumni Association sizzle it's Bart. Now all
you guys and girls who are behind in dues,
come on, get on the band wagon, and give
  Sec'y-LAURA     JOHNSON, Madison
            III E. Gorham St.
  H. Edward BILKEY, president of the U. W.
Alumni Club of New York, gave a short talk
over WHA, Madison, on the appearance of
the Glee Club in Carnegie Hall and the trip
of the crew to Poughkeepsie, pointing out the
value of such trips to the Univerkity.-Mr.
him some real honest-to-gosh Uncle Sam dol-
lars to work with. Then besides that, let's
-allof ugetu aUL d pUs i sone-newmenm-
bers and then we'll see a real association that
means something in this round world of ours.
Here's to you Bart. We're for you, with you
and of you. Command, and we'll follow.
   Ethel Walbridge now lives in the Coolidge
 Apts., at 225 Juneau Ave., Milwaukee, where
 the U. S. grand jury recently amended the
 Volstead Act as it relates to light wines and
 beer.- Ethgel L. Budd lives at 42wPark Place
 in the same aforementioned town.
   It comes hard to relate that Cala ANDREWS
 has been sick for some time and recently un-
 derwent a serious operation. She is coming
 on nicely now, but is still confined to her
 home in Hillington, Madison. Carl NAFFZ,
 also, is in poor health and has left Chicago
 to live, at 143 S. Butler St., Madison. The
 whole class extends their sympathy to you,
 Ca'la and Carl, and here's wishing all the
 good wishes that ever were wished.
 The schoolmarms are sure enjoying these
 fine summer school days and are keeping old
 faithful Mendota splashed to a froth from
 morning till night and Sundays. Us girls just
 got to have our fun and anyway we ain't got
 no lake at home.
 And that's that.
 Change of address: George CHAMBERLAIN,
"'qio Hibbing Ave-, Hibbing, Minn .
and Mrs. Carl NEPRUD and daughter, Anne
Caroline, arrived in the United States on June
16 to spend a year's leave of absence here.
Carl Neprud has been stationed in Harbin,
North Manchuria, in the Chinese maritime
customs service. Their permanent address
while in this country will be Coon Valley,
   Change of address: Helen BREEN Siebecker,
141 W. Gilman St., Madison; L. R. Mc-
PHERSON, 1929 Hughitt Ave., Superior.
August, 1926
       Sec'y-ALVIN REIS, Madison
            2262 West Lawn Ave.
   Alvin REIS has-returned to Madison and
 opened a raw office here. He will continue
 his duties as class secretary and requests that
 all mail be addressed to him at 2262 West
 Lawn Ave.-Frances ELLMAN is engaged as
 foreign language translator in the General
 Service School Library, Ft. Leavenworth,
 Kan. Miss Ellman's work involves the trans-
 lation of French, German and Spanish books.
 which contain material used for instructional
 purposes in the school for high commissioned
 officers at Ft. Leavenworth.
               Gay Building
   Ferne CONODON writes that starting July I
 she has been engaged as cataloguer in the
 Municipal Reference Library, Milwaukee.
 Mail will reach her at 54 Prospect Ave.-
 Tillie BRANDT is spending the summer in
 Europe., She writes enthusiastically about
 interesting places she has visited and of what
 a thrill the first sight of these places, known
 to us poor stay-at-homers only through our-
 study of history and literature, is giving her.
 Wish we were with you, Tillie, in gay Paree
 and on your jaunt through Germany.
   Change of address: Fred PINKERTON, 1499
 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn.; J. F. KUNESH,
 R. No I, Box 12, Stangelville; W. A. FINo-
 LAY, 1024 Sherman Ave., Madison.
     Ae Outax n dinyt C/ass
                u W
   Sec'y-ELSA FAUERBACH, Madison
              938 Spaight St.
   Marshall SIMONDS is park commissioner
 at Sheboygan.-Major Clarence FENN was
 .stationed in the adjutant general's office at
 Fort Bennington, Ga., during the past year.
 He is now stationed in the office of the judge
 advocate general, Washington, D. C.
 * Change of address: Charles HOAG, 45 Dover
 St., La Grange, Ill.; John TREMBLY, 5832
 McGee, Kansas City, Mo.
    Sec'y-EDWIN CONNOR, Madison
              lO49 Spaight St.
   Mr. and Mrs. Chas. DUNN (Clara FAUER-
 BACH, '20) and two children have moved to
 i2o9 Michigan Ave., Evanston, Ill. They
 have lived in Madisonfor the past four years.
 Mr. Dunn is associated with the legal firm,
 Mayer, Meyer, Austrian and Platt, Chicago.
\-Dr. Walter TIPPETr, Milwaukee, who re-
ceived his pre-medic education at the Uni-
versity, has recently become associated with
Dr. Julius Bellin of Green Bay.-Ruth
GLAssow is assisting in the physical educa-
tion department of the summer session of
Columbia University. She will leave in Sep-
tember for Oregon, where she will be head of
the department of physical education of
Oregon Agricultural College.-Marion JEN-
NINGS, who conducts a private dancing
Studio at Evanston, is studying this summer
at Oxford University, England.
   Change of address: J. F. GRoss, 54 Bel-
 videre St., Grafton Branch, Pittsburgh, Pa.;
 ay M. TIFFANY, 153 S. Johnson, Pocatello
 daho; H. W. TABOR, Camp 2!, Big Creek,
Carl Neprud, '12

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