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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Class news,   pp. 265-286

Page 272

Bldg., Milwaukee; W. C. HOWE, 2087 Iuka Ave.,
Columbus, 0.; Helen WOLF, 629 Pine Ave., Long
Beach, Calif.; L. S. STEERS, 4411 St. Louis Ave.,
St. Louis, Mo.; Edmund HAAG, chief chemist, Ruberoid
Co., -2o4 Taylor St., Joliet, Ill.; Robert HATVrH,
banker,. Mercantile Trust Co., of California, 6135
Majestic Ave., Oakland, Calif.; H. S. TAYLOR, 934 N.
Ogden Dr., Hollywood, Calif.; Hester JAcoBs Baker,
926 E. Washington St., Appjleton.-Alida DEGELER,
dean of -women, Carroll College, Waukesha.-A. S,
STENGEL, 2112 S. Verdun Ave., Los Angeles,. Calif.-
A. B. PETERSON, 3341 Runymeade, N. W., Washing-
ton, D. C.-Orville PORTER, 413 Pioneer Bldg.,
Madison.-Haskell NoYES, 204 Prospect Ave., -Mil-
waukee.-Beatrice DAYTON Knesel, n2o 4th St.,
N. W.,, Mason City, Ia.-Dr. Lloyd JOHNSON, 916
Empire Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa.-Marie FEss LECLAIR,
1840 Yahara Place, Madison.-Martin THUE,, 2734
Blaine Place, Chicago.-Marie SANDER, 209 N. Naches
Ave., Yakima, Wash.-Frances -BERKLEY Young,
195 Everit St., New Haven, Conn.-Rosetta HEND-
RICKSON, 13 S. Pinckney St., Madison-, is'a deputy in
the Industrial Commission of that city.
  New member: Phoebe TWINING Chadwick, 223 N.
Adams St-, Monroe.
  Missing members: Cyril A. FAY, Fleurette HARTWIG
Garrett (Mrs. Glenn W.), Herman H. KOENIG, James
Shonat, Harry F. SMITH, John A. SOMDAL, J. C.
ex 'II.
.1 NTNTh
        Sec'y-W. B. MEUER, Madison
               2314 Rugby Row
             Reune June 19-22!
  Hot! Hot! Hotter!
  Only 56 days till Reunion.
  June, the year 1925 A. D.
  The biggest-the liveliest-the most unre-
-strained reunion Wisconsin has ever experi-
  Things have been happening in big gobs at
Madison.   Two vociferous and it might be
added enthusiastic feeds for Madison Nynteen-
teners have been thrown to get things started.
And started they did get. It's useless trying
to hold the gang in check any longer. They're
off with a bang.
  Lookit this layout of committees! If they
can't make every Nynteener in this far-flung
land-and wide-see red (Cardinal) then so
help us Moses.
  William Meuer, General Chairman.
  Calla Andrus, Convention Secretary.
  PUBLICITY-(All from Chicago)-Mit Blair,
Chm., Cora SCHNEIDER Blair, Morris Needham,
Ralph Birchard, Frances Ruedebusch, Ger-
trude LUKES Brewer.
  FINANCE-(Mostly from Milwaukee)-Geo.
Luhman, Chm., Ralph Hoyt, Hugh Jamieson,
Henry John, Ray Zillmer, Eleanor STEVENS
Trump, Jessie ALLEN Simpson.
  STUNTS-(All from     Madison) -   Walter
Schulte, Chm., Leslie Weed Gillett, Emily
ELMORE Greeley, Ben Beecher, Kemper Slidell,
Sid Dudgeon.
  PICNIC-(All from Madison)-Oliver Storey,
  Chin., Helen Davis, Mollie WRIGHT Abel, Louis
Davis, Henry Schuette, Elsie BULLARD Mor-
  BANQUET-(All from U. S.)-Kemper Sli-
dell, ChiM., Bud Dunnewald, Bill Witt, Bud
Culver, Meta Kieckhoefer, Dave Hanchett.
  REGALIA-(All from    New York)-Jimmie
Thompson, Chm., Lillian Zimmerman, Sam
Kerr, Paul Morris.
  SONGS-(Mostly from everywhere)-Bennie
Springer, Chm., Herb Newman, Bill Klinger,
George and Mrs. Miller.
  HOUSING-(All from     Madison) -   Frank
Thiessen, Chm., Frank Cnare, Al Hambrecht,
Harry Pulver, Genevieve Gorst Herfurth, Myr-
tle Jones.
  WELCOME--(All from Madison) - Hazel
STRAIGHT Stafford, Chin., Mrs. C. P. Carey,
Ada Swenson Hill, Larry Graber, Bertha GE-
SELL Mathews, Oliver Rundell.
Chm. (Bring your babies. Mollie'll take care
of them.)
         Special Reunion Chairmen
  Chicago-Court Freeman
  Eastern U. S.-Jimmie Thompson
  Western U. S.-Ethel Taylor
  uthern U. S.-Mary McKee
  So Milwaukee-Emmett Donnelly
  Fox River Valley-Ryan Duffy
  Appointment of Madison     members was
made in all cases where the work was thought
to be mostly local, while other committees
were made up of people living in the same
cities so that they could work together to the
greatest advantage.
All committees are already at work-and when
we say WORK we mean WORK. And there is
only one item of compensation they're going
to get and want and that is that every Nynteen-
tener comes with family-and that said fam-
ily has the best time of its existence. So that's
    COME BACK and see old Library Hall-now Music Hall. The bell in its tower
still rings out the hours. Have
you forgotten those that were yours? Come back, hearken, and remember!

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