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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Campus notes,   pp. 242-244

Page 242

                             CAMPUS NOTES
   Tables where co-eds may practice cer- and in accordance with the guarantee
 lain languages at meal time,- such as  our -constitution..
 French, German, or Spanish,- are becoming "What's Wrong With Wisconsin
 dormitory traditions on the campus..   vedsity,", which appeared in
the Wisconsin
   An appeal to bring prominent conserva-  Farmer under the signature of
Editor E. R.
 tives to speak before students and present- McIntyre, called forth the following
 the other side of questions raised by rad-  torial in the Cardinal of April
1, We print
 cals brought to the university by,'te -s in part only.-
 e -       ltbas linade nrial 'r"Picturing theenivesity's mr       
 in, the Daily Cardinal of -April 4. "  guished .professors as a g'roup
of high-sal-
   . Theo'Military .1lI was by far the -most  aried ogentleme, of. leisure,
he upbraids
 'brilliant aflfai the -uniformed men of the  the'in for spending their time
in research
 U'tiversityJiz ave evere staged.  Lighting  and writing, instead of teaching
effects- -were. artistic masterpieces. Stand-  the. date of the Magna Charter;
he rebukes
-'ijg in-a' spotlight on a halcbny, -Gv'ernor  themn fo' omilig wksnthecass
Blame, after paying.tibute'to- the World instead. of ffeachingw'freshmen
not to split
  'arb eroes, ' said: "For tani'igt. be merry. infinitives. They. write
text-books instead'
  Forgc         e                        f cnaloursAudies, forge! ybux- deans,
for- 0fo cting tious he says. Stu-
  ge l ortobe-srand bot~ersay."dnsaeatatdtoteUiestbh
  The Choral Union presented "Gallia,"  great ac-hieveents and
reputations of these
  y, Gounod,  i a hd "TMheEasnl King's Daughe   professors, but are
denied contact with
  ter," by -Gad   ekat Music Half, April 4.  them, he declares.
  PAsdonation of about $IO0q, proceeds    "Granted. Butldoes Mr. McIntyre
  from the Military Bald, will be turned over' lieve for a -minute -that
those professorsi
  to the Memorial Union funs dr. Bwoud t     have acquired their erudition
and re-
  John H. Finley ofthe New Yorke Times, nIwn i , they had spent all their
tiye isn
  prominent educator who has been-president  correcting -qu d papers eandy
  of several colleges . and universities, will t W       esh  ti    th  
  deliver the Baccalaureate address on June  teanh, if no tife were spent
in research and
  11.                  '                study? What text-books would they
  Professor Svedherg, of theUniversity  if there were no men of research
to write
  'of Upsala, will-be in residence during the  tThem?
  second semester of the scholastic year  "A .university -mnust be an
institution of
  19e22e23 and the Summer Session of 19t23  learning before it can be an
  to organize and direct research work in col- instruction- It must gather
knowledge be-t
  loid chemistry.                       fore it can dispense it, and there
are few
  The Birte-Breau --contof       which- scholars of sufficient wealth tofbe
able to
        dre-ure      "ontre rsy         devote t   he     unsbsit, 
 was continued -in the Madison papers the
 pfirstoand:second weffek o pril, accuses "This last problem which he
 President Birge of evading the reais    th  e is nstruct pres yugad Bner-
    shiftd hisgrudhe now hrpud     ai     arrtsome instutr -are youenor an.or
 "T he reason is. obvious,"k says Dr. Bryan,  Iteriencd soeo  aaon
 "he [Dr. Birgei cannot state his real views p Ioe tnhed at on the eniperion
  facuy thae
 -(if he accepts Darwin's hypothesis) w~ith-  pubicl reconzd andt wh e  mnierigacly
 out disclosing an attitude soaat variance  the whole University will face
it. This so-
 with a large majority of the Christians as  lution is doubtful. Is it possible
that higher
 fito make hi'otrinaers'ý m enclie to. Chriso,
 e m   ake h noctrineasn m ina toChr- t salaries for instructors mightoattract
 tianity.    Will Dr., Birge state for the
 benefit of the gtaxpayet s whether he be-  men?"'
 lieves in the Virgin s ieth of Christ as re-l The Gilmore party, enrbute
to the
 prtyedr ind Lke? D    yers heabive ihe- Philippines where, -Professor Gilmore
 ported- cntent tat D s sheudliead mre- Tvice governor, was entertained,
at. the
 mirailes ieinfreofiedobm  Christ?  WDoes he
      bele~ 'n  he"rsuretio ofCrs-      Country Club, in Honolulu, guests
of Gov
          -belevein  hO~e'surre  onof  hrit-I ernor Farrington, brother of
Prof. E. H.
 mean resurrectioWf 61 'he body as reported Farrington of the University,
at a dinner
 in the gospels?"' A, part of Dr. Birge's re-atwihsmffydsinuhepolef
 ply follows: "in effect, Mr. Bryan, finding  atwhicoe islad weeprseint.Bohe
 that' his charge of atheism will niot hold, has  Farringlnand   Vie Grsn.Bt
 shift ed his ground; he now propounds vani-  spoke informally on the problems
 ous theological beliefs and demands that'I  Pacific and the influence of
the University
 state my attitude toward them for the bene-  in these outposts.
 fit of the 'taxpayers.' I decline to do so,1
 since I have no reason to think that the Theta Sigma Phi, honorary .journalis-
 taxpayers desire such in Iformation even if  tic organization announces
the election of
 they had the right to ask for it. I have  the following juniors: Mary James,
 lived in the state of Wisconsin for nearly Lugoff, Dane Vermillion, Elizabeth
 fifty years and the taxpayers have seemed  man,- and Anna Stoifregen, sophomore.
 wholly content that I should lead my re- The' Badger will be dedicated to
 ligious life in freedom without interference -W. G. Bleyer, '96.

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